Window insulation

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    Getting the window insulation up before we get hard into January will really help with the gas bill as well as the comfort of the space.

    The tape and plastic are in the office.

    Here’s the stuff I’ve been using:

    Start by finding the surface of the window that is closest to the glass while still covering where the air is coming in. This is usually the surface that is perpendicular to the window closest to the INSIDE of the building.

    Wash it well and wipe it with alcohol.

    Take a roll of tape and stick one side to the alcohol’ed surface. Try to ensure the entire perimeter is covered in tape, no gaps. Press the tape down really firmly and leave it for a day or so.

    Measure the window and cut the plastic with at least 3" on each side extra. REALLY even if you think it’ll fit. LEAVE the extra!

    Peel off the other side of the tape cover and stick the plastic on. Press super lightly every 12-18" until you’ve got the whole piece mounted, then press the whole thing down firmly. If you’ve been careful, you can pull it off and restick it down if you mess up.

    Leave it for a day.
    Apply a heat gun (from a DISTANCE!) or hair dryer to the plastic film to shrink it tight and clear.

    Done! Now don’t poke it with a knife!

    Learning and working on learning more!


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