Our Goals for 2016 and Happy New Year!

  • Last year around this time I wrote a post summarizing our goals that we were trying to achieve.

    Review of our 2015 Goals

    Lets see how we did:

    1) Host at least one workshop per month

    We hosted many workshops this year on various different topics, including:

    There were a few months that we did not host any formal workshop. To be fair, that was mostly due to us focusing our group efforts on improving the space and organizing other events. However, now that the space is finally taking shape, I hope that we can host at least one workshop per month during 2016. The workshops are extremely important as a way of transferring skills as well as attracting new members.

    2) Continue hosting the H4CK nights twice a month until we have a space. The H4CK nights will then turn into a weekly free drop-in night :+1:

    We did this exactly, and the hack nights/open house has turned into a great time to meet potential new members and catch up on space projects.

    3) Move into a space (preferably in the first quarter) :thumbsup:

    Yes! We achieved this goal too! Having a space was our primary issue and we managed to crack the chicken/egg problem and ended up with the beautiful building that we now occupy.

    4) Grow membership to at least 80 forum subscribers, 20 Key holders and 5 drop in members

    We now have over 200 members on our forum! A large portion of those members are active, so we have far surpassed that part of our original goal. However, we still do not have the 20 key holder. We are lucky that we still have positive cash flow, but growing paid membership should be a priority for us in 2016.

    5) Organize the first ever Kamloops Mini Maker Faire in the summer :thumbsup:

    We did it! We hosted the first Makerloops Festival in July 2015 and it was a big success! Over 80 people attended our event, and there were several very cool projects being displayed.

    6) Get a Laser Cutter

    We are almost there! There is a very good chance that we will place our order for a 100 watt laser cutter in January.

    7) Have a ton of fun while doing all of this! :thumbsup:

    I dont know about you, but makerspace makes me very very happy. People in our group have a great sense of humour and it is a lot of fun working with them.

    8) Other achievements

    That is not all; we also made other big achievements throughout 2015, including:

    Our goals for 2016

    2016 is going to be an awesome year for us. We have had the opportunity in 2015 to try many different types of events for the first time. In the coming year we can plan ahead and grow the scope of our events and activities to attract more people to our group. I create two list, one for high level goals and another with more concrete items that we can check off our list over the next year.

    High Level Goals

    • Make more connections and look for opportunities to collaborate with other non-profit organizations in Kamloops
    • Connect with local businesses and find more local sponsors
    • Host more, bigger, and better events and workshops
    • Streamline the process of receiving, organizing, using and recycling donations
    • Better distribute responsibilities of running the space with volunteer members
    • Do repairs to the building where needed
    • Bring in more tools
    • Improved shared access to tools
    • Create standard operating proceadures

    Specific Goals

    • Host at least one workshop per month
    • Increase our forum and social media subscribers by 30%
    • Increase the number of paid members to 30
    • Have a total of 10 articles, videos or radio interviews that cover our events and workshops and help spread the word about what we are doing
    • Implement member access system
    • Host the second annual makerloops festival
    • Design and run the haunted house for TRU ISAP
    • Host our second fund-raising dinner
    • Get the vacuum former running
    • Getting the laser cutter up and running
    • Getting second floor rooms ready for use
    • Run a projector project on a building somewhere in town
    • Build bicycle repair stations
    • Increase membership and decrease running cost to the level where membership fees alone can pay for the cost of renting and running the makerspace

    Let me know what you think, what other things we should add to our list of goals for 2016 and if there were any other events or achievements that I should mention in the review of 2015

  • Member

    Is another fundraiser dinner going to happen?
    Some more hand and power tools for metal and wood shops.
    Get the vacuum former together.
    Clean and do repairs on the 3rd floor to enable renting
    Finish repairs to the plumbing so hot water is available for all the (used) bathroom

  • thanks @Chainmaildave! I updated my post and added new goals based on your suggestions.

    Any one else has any suggestions or feedback?

  • Linux

    I think the CNC Router needs to be on the “2015 accomplishments” list, for sure, as well as the pretty-fully-equipped electronics room/shop.

    For the goals, I’d like to see a breakdown of each once the list is a bit more complete/narrowed down. A different thread for that, though.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • As far as collaborations go I’ve had a couple thoughts:

    • Big Little Science Center. They would be a great resource to bring in new members. Makerspace could provide exhibits and demonstrations. There may be potential to share costs on resources.

    • Perplexing Puzzles: Makerspace could provide help in building some pretty awesome puzzle components. Perplexing Puzzles could offer I don’t know what in return.

  • Metal

    I would absolutely love to have a plasma table in the space. Not sure where we’d put it but I’m pretty sure we have the expertise and most of the parts to build one. Just something to think about 😀

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