Snow removal

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    We need a new shovel as the one here broke. We should consider making a donation to the Community to have them remove snow when they do their lot.

  • I was thinking about the snow. I haven’t been to the space today but I was torn between the idea of shoveling or passing one of the clients to do it for me

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    I fixed the shovel handle but I think getting the Community to clear our parking and side walk would be great. They’re willing to do it, we would just have to agree on a dollar amount. They would appreciate the donation but we are a fledgling non- profit as well so… Maybe the board members could come up with a ball park figure?
    I’m willing to act as a liaison with our neighbors as I know most of the staff and volunteers who work there and I get along with them.
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  • Is the concern that we don’t have the enough people to do it, or is it because no one wants to do it? I personally think we should do the shovelling ourselves. I do that if I am at the space and there is snow to be shovelled. As our membership grows, we will have more people volunteering to do it and it will be less of a choir for each of us.

    I don’t think shovelling snow is something we need to be paying for. But if no one else would wants to deal with it, then perhaps it makes sense to pay our neighbours to do it.

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    Snow being shovelled right away builds great relations with neighbours and community. Having the community next door do ours would support them and foster our relationship with them, as well as ensuring snow was cleared immediately and thoroughly.
    Maybe part of the arrangements could include providing ice melt to them, if we still have an ongoing supply?

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  • I cleared the back steps last night. The rest of the snow wasn’t cooperating. There is a large volume of snow melt leaving the roof and making the snow into compacted slush. I have a feeling that the problem will solve itself soon.

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    @tinfoilknight by turning the lot into a skate rink? :D

  • It will make it much easier to rearrange cars in the lot and remove loitering people.

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    A few days ago, just before new years I think, Reagan from next door let me know that there was a man in a wheel chair clearing our sidewalk. When I went over, he was obviously pretty heavily challenged, but was sitting in his chair, bent over, and chipping the ice away with a garden trowel. He went at it for an hour or so and made pretty good progress.

    Me and Aras went out and finished the job for him.

    It is something that the city is saying that we are responsible for, including the sidewalk. My suggestion is that we create a team to deal with snow, ppreferrably people who are close by, reasonably available or perhaps together have a full availability.

    I volunteer myself to get this group together. I work during the day mon-fri though, so I’ll need at one day person. I can do it after work or in the morning befor.

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    Tyler and I just did the parking lot. The sidewalk was done by the community next door.
    I also called bylaw to find out the exact law about sidewalks etc. Am waiting for an officer to call me back

  • By the time I got to the space today it was all cleaned up. Thank you @fullmetalbuddha and @Chainmaildave and our neighbours who did the side walk. We have to do something in return for our neighbouring community.

    @Bradley-Maker I agree, having a team to coordinate snow removal efforts would be great! I just created a group called @Snow-Removal and added you, me, @Chainmaildave and @fullmetalbuddha to the group.

    Anyone else who would be interested in potentially helping us with the next snow removal, please feel free to add yourself to the :snowflake: @Snow-Removal :snowflake: group. Thanks!

  • @Snow-Removal I cleared the sidewalk this morning. We are good for today.
    Sidewalk should be our priority and I think when we do it we should just go the extra few feet up to parking lot entrance. @Chainmaildave informed me that bylaw requires us to clean the sidewalk by 10am.

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    Cool, I’ll continue to look out the door early. Its tough as I live in a dark basement suite, so I really do have to consciously check out my door early to plan for shoveling.

    But if there is ever a decent amount of snow at 6-6:30, I’ll swing by and get it. And it seems like its generally all good by the time I’m off.

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