Lets come up with a new name!

  • Lets use this thread to brainstorm ideas about what we should call ourselves, and what domain name we should use.

    Keep in mind that we are going to create a whole new brand.

    Since we most likely register as a non profit organization, our legal name is going to have a bit of padding to it. For example “something maker foundation” or “something maker society”, but we don’t have to limit ourself because of that. So technically we will need three names:

    • A short and catchy brand name
    • A legal name (suitable for a non profit organization)
    • A domain name

    If you cant think of a name right now, let us know what attributes you would expect to see in a good name.

    List of potential names:

    • Kamloops Makerspace
    • Kamloops Maker Foundation
    • ???

    Some criteria for choosing a name:

    • It should be easy to refer to it as a place. Try finishing the sentence I am going to … with the name of the makerspace, and see how good it sounds (thank you @Mathias-Rathje for this tip)

  • Lets start with the most obvious name: Kamloops Makerspace

    I have heard people sometime refer to us as “Kamloops Makerspace”. That is also the first thing I searched for, when I was looking for a makerspace in Kamloops. It is a very descriptive name, but it might not sound as exciting to everyone, or it may not do a good job of distinguishing us from other makerspaces in BC. We could also go with a more catchy name and include “Kamloops Makerspace” in our tag line.

    I’ll start a list in my first post and will add Kamloops Makerspace to it as a potential name, but I am really on the borderline with that name. Please don’t hesitate to suggest other names. Meanwhile, what do you think of Kamloops Makerspace as a name?

  • Linux

    I like Kamloops Maker Space … if we can call it KMS for short … maybe we could get KMS Tools to sponsor us?

  • Yeah I like Kamloops Maker Space as well. Not sure if KMS would be supportive of that idea, or protective of their own tradmark, but it is worth contacting the about it if we device to go with KMS.

    If we want to get creative, we can also look at the list of top level domains. There are lots of cool ones available like .zone or .foundation

    What do you think of “Kamloops Maker Zone” then we could get “kamloopsmaker.zone” as the domain for example.
    Or if we go with something like “Kamloops Maker Community” or “Kamloops Maker Foundation” we could register kamloopsmaker.community or kamloopsmaker.foundation as our domain name. I am not sure if that is a good idea though.

    If anyone has other ideas, dont hesitate to share. I think we need to decide by Thursday at least what domain name to use, so we can move this site to a stable address. After that we can continue evolving the brand together.

  • There miiiiight be a tiiiinsy problem with kamloops makerspace

    or KMS for short.

    we actually spotted this one earlier, we tried tracking down the owner, didn’t know who it was.

  • @alex haha, I forgot to tell you. I did finally track down the owner. She is our very own @meagan now, and I believe she is ok with it if we choose that name, since we have decided to join efforts.

    @meagan what is your opinion about going with “Kamloops Makerspace” or some variations of that name, as opposed to going for a totally different name?

  • I talked to a few more people at the workshop today, and they seem to like the name “Kamloops Makerspace” as well. So if there are no objection, we will go with it. I will setup the new domain name tomorrow, so that everyone can easily access this forum again (some people are having issues accessing the temporary address).

    It is a very descriptive name, and there is no reason why we cant have fun with it down the road to build an interactive brand around it. I just love that it has both Kamloops and Makerspace in it, you cant really beat that :)

    EDIT: Kamloops Makerspace it is, I will move the forum over sometime tomorrow.

  • Y’all are on the move, I just saw your business license with that name was approved by the city http://www.kamloops.ca/blicensed/pdfs/2014/november.pdf congrats!

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