Volunteers and ideas wanted for the family day festival

  • We are planning to participate in the upcoming family day festival.

    • Location: TCC
    • Date: February 8th (stat Monday)
    • Time: 10am to 4:00pm with time before and after for clean up
    • space: 10x10 and can accomodate a tent or awning if you have one you’d like to bring
    • Booth content: DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE… and any advertising you might want to have there

    Who wants to join us to represent kamloops makerspace at this event and to help run a few fun activities? I need at least two volunteers.

    What are some safe and kid friendly activities we could run at our table?

  • How about a homemade wind tunnel? Something we can stick toy cars and airplanes in.

  • Metal

    I think we need to have a 3D printer setup and running constantly. We’d need an enclosure for it though. Maybe churning out those little makerbot guys? People are still fascinated as they are common but not in every home. (3D printers, not makerbots. Although those aren’t in a lot of homes either)

    A learn to solder station ? Ages 12+ Good way to sell a few more K3 badges!!

    Rope winder v2.0 (geared) for making your own jump ropes? Great for younger kids. Just need to source some yarn and handles.

    Who has an arduino project they could lend for display? Or build one? I’m running out of ideas right now. Something interactive.

  • When I was in Victoria Sept 25th last year there was a family get-together for everyone called the Chinese Lantern Festival. Kids would come with their parents and make paper lanterns to celebrate the moon festival and had a parade with their lit lanterns in the evening. This upcoming event is held in February on the 8th the same day of Chinese New Year 2016! Something similar to last Septembers event would be ideal.:bow:

  • Hi Aras- I will volunteer to help- although I am not techy- I could help demo & learn at the same time. I don’t have any super cool ideas as I am just a gardener! I can help set up and maybe answer questions?

  • homemade wind tunnel?

    That sounds like a great idea! If we pair it up with a foam cutting station (using hot wire) or some other way to let kids make or manipulate objects and then test them in the tunnel, it would be even better

    Rope winder v2.0 (geared) for making your own jump ropes

    That is an awesome idea. Especially if we could run a workshop in advance to turn a bunch of wooden handles. Is anyone experienced enough with lathe to run a workshop on turning handles sometime this month? Otherwise, we can use the cheap plastic handles we found at surplus for now.

    make paper lanterns

    That is a good idea too, although there was a lantern festival just last month which many parents participated with their kids. So perhaps we can have that in one of the future events. However, if you are excited about making lanterns and want to do this, we wont stop you! :smile:

    @Shelaigh I agree with @tinfoilknight we should try and find something to make that would be applicable to gardening or can teach the kids an important concept. Perhaps something they could put together and take home to grow? Let me know if you find something, I would love to help make some simple kits.

    So far @Shelaigh and @fullmetalbuddha have confirmed they can volunteer to help us run the table. If you can make it on that day to help us run the table please let me know.

    Sounds like people are getting pretty excited about this. I will ask for two tables and some room for testing the jump ropes.


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    The wind tunnel sounds really cool, kids would love it. Aras is on the right track, we need to find something…for feedback. So the kids can make test, adjust, try. That is what a wind tunnel is for. Unless we can make one that is powerful enough to fly them. But liability…

    As far as Gardening goes, I think sprouts would be really easy to do. We just need a ton of jars, and seeds. We could have a few going of various types at different stages. Kids love to watch sprouts grow, its a great project.

    Worms perhaps? I’ll check and see how small a worm bin can be, and I’m sure we could pre-cut parts and maybe have them be a little customizable, kids could assemble them and add worms and dirt. The worms would be the tricky bit, but we can order them in.

    And I think that gives us lots to run with for a 10x10 space. If we get say 2 interactive projects, plus a printer running off trinkets, I think we are full.

  • Founder

    And PS: Sorry, but I have zero Lathe experience.

  • I asked Kelly MacDonald (who is our contact from the city for this event) a couple of questions and here is her response:

    Amazing! You guys are so on it!

    • Can we sell kits at the event, so people can purchase and complete kits there?


    • Can we set up one soldering station? We would use safety glasses and lead free solder and have one volunteers attending it, so it is pretty safe. But if that is too much we can scrap that idea.

    I love where you are going here… but for liability reasons, I think not. Simple is best. The wind tunnel and rope making ideas are awesome!

    • We can probably get by with one large table, but two tables would work best. I would guess we need around 4 chairs. It would also be great if we could setup a little area for kids to try out the jump ropes they have just made.

    I’m sure the kids will have room in front of the booth and in the track area to use their jump robe. I’m LOVING that visual.

    You guys are really great! Can’t wait to work together more!

  • One of the wind tunnel setups worked with paper airplanes

  • @Bradley-Maker Hi guys & gals.
    I love the idea of the hydroponic self watering system. This link is really informative. I would like to build the system as display and maybe have kids build the single bottle system to take home? I also have lots of worms in my vermacomposter- if anyone wants to try to build something portable?
    Also, I may be having to man a booth and do these garden demos with Community Gardens… If so I will still have time to help out with KM demos- maybe link the groups together for more exposure/publicity? I will keep you posted. In the mean time can folks start collecting litre soda bottles for me?

  • @Shelaigh we should ask to have our booths next to each other! We would be happy to do some joint/cross promotion with community gardens!

  • That’s my thoughts too. Linking science and nature! If I could get some help building the 11 pot hydro system for display that would be awesome- any takers? I can supply they materials.
    I am speaking with Kelly today about course offerings for the Active Living Guide. I will speak to her about this too!

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    I’m a little in the dark on what you mean by a hydroponic self-watering system, although I do know all of those words! You mention ‘this link’, but I see no link? Is there a link?

    I’d like to see.

    I’ll do my best to get hold of some bottles, but fortunately they rarely cross my path.
    I’m sure that we can divert some from the recycling bins at the space?

  • Kelly (City Active Living Coordinator) thinks us having booths side by side and partnering on a project/demo is a fantastic idea. I have posted in a couple of the many discussion links regarding putting together a 'learning party to build some aquaponic/hydroponic prototypes to use as demonstrations. What do you think? It is a month to family day. I am going to get started on seeds testing as we will need plants for the demo models and for kids to transplant and take with them.

  • @arasbm So many discussion threads… I have posted to the Family Day activities and the Indoor gardening in response to getting together to build phototypes of indoor grow systems (simple models) to showcase at TCC Family Day event. Please contact to help set this up.

  • @Shelaigh I think we will go over all the activities we have planned for family day at the meeting tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30pm to coordinate our efforts. Sounds like @Bradley-Maker is very excited about building some aquaponics/hydroponics prototypes so I am guessing he may take the lead on that. We will set a build date at the meeting tomorrow for the kits. Do you have any preferences for the day or time?

  • In regards to building an aquaponics, system I will respond to Bradley’s other post. I have much of the materials and have a CG budget for some others. I have people collecting soda bottles and I am starting seeds this week (viability testing and early starts) Any day is fine- Bradly suggested making it a mini workshop on a hack night- which is a good idea as I don’t think it will take a super long time?

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    Going with the childrens toy idea, here is a couple of simple projects that only require scissors and a hole punch…

    paper kite

    quick to build and cheap to give away

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    I want to try and rig up a recirculating shishi-odoshi on hacknight, do you think there might be room for a planter with one of these bad boys running in it?
    Garden feature

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