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  • Ive been wanting more experience on 3d printing. So i would like to get started by building myself a 3d printer. I wanted to be able to make it mostly out of recycled materials in hopes to spend the lowest amount of money as possible. I hope this is something someone is willing to help
    me with also hoping my idea is not too far fetched.

    Update: I was thinking to build something similar to http://www.instructables.com/id/Cherry-60-3D-Printer/ or http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-CNC-mill/ but with a hotend and extruder instead of a router

  • Not too far fetched at all. I think you already met @toxuin who have done a similar project. The cool thing about building the printer from scavenged parts is that it will be one of a kind, and you will learn so much about printers and other machines that you take apart along the way. Of course expect the project to be much more involved and challenging than putting a kit together.

    I have never done this, but I would be happy to help you along the way. I am sure @dhylands, @Chris and @toxuin have much more knowledge about this.

    Have you decided on any of the details yet? Which style of 3D printer do you want to build?

  • yeah sounds awesome, stepper motors, arduino board, rails and rollers, wires , heated bed, power supply. hot end, filament and feed, nuts and bolts(very small), main support structure and I immagine a few other odds and ends.

    supper doable, check my earlier link to online parts for a really good deal.

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    This is super awesome! I would be glad to help! I even may have some spare bits and pieces.

  • My idea is to build something similar to - [ http://www.instructables.com/id/Cherry-60-3D-Printer/ ] any comments?

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    That design that I was about to build too, but now I just don’t see how this thing could possibly give you any decent prints. You’ll spend countless hours of calibrating it and re-printing printed parts (to get a bit better precision hoping it’ll get better while puting wear onto the existing printed parts making situation even worse – vicious circle). I do not recommend to build that. This is a desing made to be cheap in a dumb way – to build a minimal thing that could be called a 3d printer. If you want to build cheap – build smart. Recycle old appliances, iterate early in design phase (not in prototyping/making the actual thing), use unobvious materials (kitchen cutting boards are straight and rigid, as example), get help of your friends.
    I will be at the Makerspace this Wednesday after 6 and would be more than happy to help build and/or discuss 3D printer you’re building. As I said, I might have some spare parts that you can have/use at no charge. I even have a custom hot end that I had no chance to test out yet! Yay!

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    Cool project!

    One thought … don’t cheap out on the really important parts.
    Get a reliable hotend (the ones made by e3d are pretty bulletproof). We spent a long time messing around with hotends that SEEMED like a good deal but never worked properly and caused no end of problems.

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