Internet infrastructure at the space

  • I have noticed and received complaints that our Internet at the space is not reliable. This problem is more prevalent when a large number of users are on. I think we should have wired Internet available in each room, and fixed devices such as desktops and printers etc. should be hard wired. @pierre had a recommendation on proper wireless gear for the space. Any one have ideas or materials for this project?

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    I just dropped off several routers and some Ethernet cables, although I’m not sure about exactly what kind of hardware you guys would like to see. I’ll help with setting up a hard wired network (as much as I can help anyways ).

  • I will be there soon, we should check the bandwidth entering the building and tracing how it is divided down the line through routers and wifi. high speed hard lines and a good distribution of high speed wifi.
    I can bring some cat5 and some install tools, we will need ethernet junction boxes and outlets.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Soon for me mean in a few days.

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    Ubiquiti units would manage the network and Edge routers would be the recommended hardware from Pierre. He’ll write more details later, but I wanted to throw the information up.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Agreed, Ubiquiti Equipement is absolutely fantastic and is comparable to ISP level hardware but for a fraction of the cost.

  • I have a Ubiquiti system at home (4 APs, and 1 POE Switch to power them).

    It does need a computer to run the main software on. I run it on my linux desktop.

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