The Art of materialization.(thinking out loud)

  • Leadership,Art/Project direction, Delegation, plan, blue prints,material lists,tools required(have or needed) skills, training.
    economic(energy flow) social effects, motives, common goals, lists, communication, organization.

    Kamloops population demographics, market research, non profit society can thrive by answering some simple principles of energy flow.

    List local(broadly speaking) events, festivals, functions and gatherings and become a participant and a representative of an ideology that is the Kamloops maker space community. Show up, inspire and excite through creative, innovative conceptual art that utilizes the genius mind of collaboration, teamwork. This conceptual art can use a broad canvas of many materials, from robotics, lighting,woodworking, metal working, glass, leather just to name a few and through sustainable recycling methods being able to create new designs the world has not seen before.

    The objective is to show up in the public eye and display a new complex thoughtful design to gain momentum from the community (corporation, small business, and regular people) by filling a necessary gap, being conceptual art relaying a message to new technologies that could add to an individuals lifestyle through entertainment or comfort, as well as a forum to teach , learn connect and express unique ideas and reflect on them.

    Just some thought of mine over the last week. thanks for reading.

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