KM 2016 Calendar of Events

  • Lets make a calendar of events for all the events that we know we will be running in 2016. We can then update our pamphlets with current information and list of events we are hosting. If you have been thinking about hosting a workshop this year, please choose a date and announce it well in advance! Try to choose a month that is not already very busy. I would love to see more workshops by members in the calendar!

    2016 workshops and events


    • January, 14th: Clean-up and organize the space
    • Thursday, January 21st: Woodshop organization brainstorm and build @Bradley
    • Thursday, January 28th: General Clean-up and organize day
    • Friday, January 29th: Introduction to Makerspace @arasbm


    • Thursday February 4th: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Monday February 8th: Makerspace will be at family day event at TCC
    • Thursday, February 11th: Introduction to Arduino Lighting with @arasbm and @Ron_Ron
    • Saturday, February 20th: AGM
    • Thursday, Feb 25th: Introduction to woodworking with @Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, March 3rd: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Thursday March 10th from 6pm to 8pm: CNC Milling 101 Workshop – Making night lights on 3020
    • Saturday, March 19th: Spring equinox celebration at @arasbm’s place
    • Thursday, March 31st: Woodworking 2 @Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, April 7th (morning): Community Science Fair Tour by Kamloops Innovation
    • Thursday, April 7th (afternoon): Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Our second annual fund-raising dinner
    • Thursday, March 28th: Woodworking 3 @ Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, May 5th: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, June 2nd: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker



    • Thursday, August 4th: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, September 1st: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Techbrew 2016?


    • Thursday, October 6th: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Our second TRU ISAP Haunted house project


    • Thursday, November 3rd: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker


    • Thursday, December 1st: Microbe Farming @Bradley Maker
    • Potluck and gift exchange
    • Handmade holiday

    You can run a workshop if you have a skill that you want to teach or if you are interested in a topic and want to run a workshop to learn more about it with others. You don’t have to be an expert in the topic to organize a workshop! Workshops dont have to be free. You can charge money to cover the cost of material or compensate yourself for the time you put in to organizing. I would love to see more member driven workshops happening this year. All you need to do is pick a topic and date and let us know as soon as possible!

  • Founder

    I am working on material for workshops. I am planning on doing a series of modules in woodworking that is a combination of ancient tools and techniques and modern gear. I plan to do one workshop a month, with skillshares, project work, and refreshers in between on Hack Nights.

    My goal is to gather up a team of interested people, even if its just one or two others, and get ourselves working well as a team on an ongoing basis, for a few hours a month.

    This will all revolve around group projects for the space. Fixtures, a sign bracket for the front, saw horses, perhaps we do some nice renos, a donation box.

    The other thing I am definitely going to be doing soon is getting us a big-ass crock (they have nice old-style ceramic crocks, with weights and lids at Peavy) and doing monthly saurkraut making workshops. We’ll sell small jars as a fundraiser (if liability works out, I know it’ll be a bit tricky, we may just have to eat it for free). I’ll be talking to Reagan about doing these at the Mission as well to reach out to them. And I also hope to seed these workshops out to every community kitchen in town. It is dead easy to do, so my hope is that I can inspire a few other’s to take the torch and run workshops around town. I’ll be making saurkraut at the space every month regardless, starting in the next month or so. Even if its just me giving it away. I had once planned on being a farmer, and life took me away. But we are ALL microbe farmers! And I hope to inspire others into realizing this fact and starting bacteria colonies all over town.

    @Arasbm I think we should have a monthly cleanup event. At least for the forseeable future until we have the space all set up and everything in its place…if ever? Also I’d like to do a woodshop organization event. It could actually be a workshop of sorts. More of a group brainstorm on shop organization, and a group effort at building some lumber racks to clean-up the timber and plywood forest at the back of the room…

    Sorry for my active imagination, it makes these things take a long time…but with a little patience and some encouragement, I promise it’ll pay off. I’m on a mission. Building momentum. No more f’n around.

    Happy New Year everybody.

  • Founder

    @arasbm one more thing…

    I have been back on FB with a vengeance. And I’ve had a couple of nice reminders from that god-forsaken service about events that I had forgotten.

    It looks like we are firmly booked for everything through Feb. The March event at your place as well, although I assume that you don’t want that publicly on FB…

    Have those been posted as events on FB? If not shall I do that?

  • @Bradley-Maker I love all the workshop ideas! lets go through the list tomorrow together and create calendar and facebook events. If you can, try to choose a date for your workshops so we can add those to the calendar too!

    If anyone else is thinking of doing workshops, try to choose a date and let us know asap. The calendar is going to be published and advertised soon.

  • Holder

    If there is an interest in the topic, I would like to help organize a workshop for people interested in becoming organic farmers. Community futures hopes to create a farm incubator in Kamloops and they need support to gather momentum for the project.

  • Founder


    I’m all over that Jason. My plate is filling up fast, so I don’t know how much time I can put into helping organize or run workshops. However, there is absolutely an interest in the Makerspace Community in growing food and sustainability. We are also becoming entangled with the Food Policy Council and a local Permaculture group.
    I cannot speak for the rest of the board, and we would have to discuss it, but I don’t think it will be a problem at all to run workshops at the Makerspace. We can provide you with space, and guidance on running and promoting workshops in it.

    We also have a building full of intelligent people and a good complement of well-ordered tools is starting to congeal. So I see a huge potential for making garden-related products.

    I’d suggest getting in a workshop or 2 before the snow melts and the potatoes and peas have to go in the ground.

    I’d be really interested in hearing what Community Futures has planned. I like incubators and food, and participated in a program with them through the SEP to become a market farmer in Vernon, so it sounds right up my alley. As we approach our AGM and begin to form a vision for the year’s work, making connections with other local institutions is a recurring theme.

    Come to a HACK Night, every Wednesday @5:30, ask for me and we can sit down and talk. If you’d prefer to discuss this some other way or some other time, please get in touch with me via the private message function on this forum, just click my handle anywhere it shows, and on my profile page, hit “chat”.

    Exciting News!

  • @Jason-Bijl yes yes yes please! Just choose a date and time and let me know so I can update the calendar. Also you can count on me as a participant! :smile:

    Feel free to start a new topic on the forum about your workshop.

  • @arasbm can you add to April 7th (morning), we might be having a group of high school students tour KIC as part of a Community Science Fair Tour. Thought arduino and 3D printing might be an interesting hands-on activity for them to demo and check out if there’s anyone from the Makerspace that would like to come out and do a mini workshop. Or, if you possibly have an activity in mind that students would enjoy. More details to come on this. Thanks!

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