Sheet Metal anybody?

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    I’m looking to make a magnetic board that I can pin things on and magnetize things to. A Kind of vision board/outside-of-my-body-memory thing.

    I hate white boards for various reasons. Being a waldorf teacher I have done the chalk thing, and I’m sure me and my son will be doing chalk art in the future. But as far as day to day use, I’m not a teacher anymore, and having hands constantly covered in chalk dust is an experience I am glad to have behind me. I had hoped that touch screens would work, but it just isn’t the same as having that tactile thing that is always on, charged up, logged in and in plain view.

    My first thought is the dump. But apparently there is a company with the contract to recycle steel, and they have cornered that market. Which is bs. I’ll be complaining to the city in the future about that.

    I checked the steel racks at Princess Auto. I think the sheets they have are 24x48", and are super thin, $45. Seems steep, although I know wood, not metal so I have no idea. All I know is that there is a huge pile of old appliances at the dump that would be free, so $45 seems steep.

    Barring those two options, does anybody have an old appliance that they want to have salvaged? Or some other piece of scrap metal? I’d be willing to pay the PA price for somebody’s steel. I just see it as ridiculous that I have to wait for all of those appliances to be shipped, crushed, melted down, reformed, shipped, and sold to me for $45.

    And do we have the technology at the space to cut that steel more or less nice and shapely? So it looks nice on my wall? Cause I have no idea how to do that.


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    We do in fact have the tools and ability to cut sheet metal into any shape you want. What size of a white board are you looking for? There are several old appliances listed for free on kijiji, we could chop up an old washer or fridge or something.

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    There’s a scrap metal place out in heffley that I have contacted before and may have what you need?

    Good people. Let me know if you want to head out there ;)

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    @hdsheena , thanks, we should all keep that in mind. But it looks like me and @fullmetalbuddha have found a cheap solution 5 minutes away.

  • Hey Bradley- I am all for up- cycling pre existing materials… but in a pinch Benjamin Moore has a paint that is both chalk board paint and magnetic- It is a bit pricey but very cool!

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    Sounds interesting. I’ve never had much success with chalk-board paint. I got used to really fancy chalk and chalk-boards while I was a teacher, and I’ve never been able to work a combination of paint and substrate that will both hold chalk well, AND let you completely erase it (which of course is always difficult)

    Which has led me to the polished sheet metal plan.

    However, my son is growing up fast, and I’d like to get a chalk-board at his level someday soon, so thanks for the tip. Cause I think the half can of chalk-board paint I have has froze at least once the past couple of winters…

  • Kijji, Craigslist, FreeCycle. Small boards from computer cases. Bigger ones from old fridges, freezers etc. You should be able to get dead things with flat steel sides for “Come by with your pickup and haul this away” prices.

  • Where I work there is an appliance graveyard. No idea if any of them work but they get disposed of regularly. It would be easy to just grab a fridge door. Or the whole fridge.

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    @tinfoilknight @pierre

    We did meet a guy, Dan, who manages the sands appartments on pemberton, he has 2 derelict stoves that we are welcome to. I think I lost his number though…

    Me and @fullmetalbuddha have discussed picking them up, perhaps this coming friday. Then breaking them down into bits and salvaging.

    Anybody want any stove parts for any reason? Anything cool or valuable in them? There will be a bunch of steel channel framing I guess, some sheet metal, @arasbm wants the glass.

    But if you feel like grabbing a fridge door, it is actually probably a better size, and is just a couple of bolts. I’d be super grateful…

  • I’ll have a look on Wednesday morning

  • Older stoves have bimetallic thermostat type controls… Super useful for hacking.

    Modern ones have not really hackable (and terribly short lived) electronic control boards, but do tend to have beefy relays that we should snag to control other high-current toys.

    The big power cord off the back is useful for adapting 240 volt toys. Outlet from the front panel. The wire racks from inside are very nice when you want to hang stuff or prop up painted things to dry.

    The elements are good if we build any sort of heated enclosure, hot plate, smt-soldering station, powder-coating station, etc. Or they come in handy if they fit the stove at the space and we need to replace an element. :)

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    I have a piece of sheet metal (ducting) 24" X 18"
    Edit: had the wrong dimension b4

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    I think it sounds like a decent idea to go and get at least one of those stoves, sounds like the parts will come in handy. @fullmetalbuddha let’s try and make that happen this week, or next.

    If anybody else wants to bring in sheet metal, I’m sure we’ll use it for something.

    If you get a door @tinfoilknight, bring it on in, and I think I’ll be able to get more surface area out of it, and if we hack all this stuff down, it should take up too much space, and then there will be bits for everybody!

  • I would be cautious about hoarding parts. It would be better to have a specific use in mind before adding them to inventory. We could end up with a lot of misc parts that will be forgotten about before we need them.

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