Monthly Microbe Farming Workshops

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    Good evening everybody.

    A few lifetimes ago I aimed to be a farmer. I started a business, found some land to work, and then realized that its almost impossible to make a living to support a family growing food. I was offered a job teaching and dropped that fiscal dead-end. I have not forgotten how important it seemed at the time.

    The most important thing I learned while working, digging, meeting other farmers and eaters, is that the world needs more farmers, badly. Only 100 years ago nearly 3/4 of the population was employed growing, processing and distributing food. Last I checked it was less than 3%, and that includes people working in potato chip factories. I see this as a precarious position to be in as the world struggles to keep its energy paradigm affordable.

    The second most important thing I learned is that I don’t have much of a green thumb. I’m a complete gardening nerd, but I have trouble getting on the level with plants it takes to make them a livelihood.

    One of the most important things I have ever learned in general, is that we are only 1/10 human by cell-count, and only about 50% of our mass is human cellular material. The rest is microbe colonies that live mostly in our gut (which is actually entirely outside of our body, like a tunnel through a mountain), but also every mucus membrane in and on our body, our skin, and scalp. They provide myriad services without which we could not exist.

    I’d still like to make an example of myself as a farmer. And so, I aim to become a microbe farmer. Actually, I really hope to become a farmer of microbe farmers. So I am going to start planting seeds. I will be running a couple of fermentation workshops around Kamloops each month. Most of this stuff is stupid-easy, and my intention is that within a few months I’ll have inspired a couple of others to take up the torch and run these workshops as well. Then I can just kick back and rub my palms as the harvest is reaped.

    I’ll be running fermentation workshops monthly at Kamloops Makerspace. To get started, I’ll just be buying cabbage to make sauerkraut. I will charge $5 per attendee, revenue going towards the raw materials, any profit will be funneled back into this microbe-farmer farming scheme. Whoever chips in can certainly take home some raw, nutrient-rich, microbe-colonized sauerkraut when it is ripe, anytime after 3 weeks really. But mark my words, I will be making a big vat of sauerkraut monthly at the space, and it will get eaten.

    As Grandpa Jon used to say…“EAT!!!”

    I have two other ideas for locations for these workshops. I’d like to offer this to the New Life Mission in the coming months. I’d also like to run them at the community kitchen on the north shore. I’ll get to that leg-work soon enough, but if anybody feels like reaching out or putting me in touch, by all means.

    There are scads of different styles, recipes, cultures, and drinks that can be made as well. Kombucha, kvass, kim-chi, pickles, kefir, grain and potatoe beers, the list goes on and on. Some of these things I have experience with, some I’m willing to pick up if nobody beats me to it.

    The first workshop will occur as follows:

    Thursday Feb 4th, 2016

    5:00 pm

    Cost is $5

    All you need bring is yourself. Be prepared to chop and smash. That’s about it. We’ll make some traditional sauerkraut to get started.

    [whoisin title=(Will you be at the fist microbe farming workshop on February 4th?) iamin=(Yes, count me in!)]

    I look forward to microbe farming with whoever feels the pull to join me.

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    My source (wife) is telling me that the use of the Community Kitchen is currently being handled by the Mount Paul United Church, but you can also contact Deedee Bone @ Interior Community Services, she is the coordinator for the Community Kitchens program.

    I’m a fellow microbe farmer, used to make rejuvalac among other concoctions.
    I look forward to the workshop, let me know if I can help.

  • I will be there, and really looking forward to this.

    I just added a button to the original post that you can click to add yourself to the list. That way hopefully it would be easier to estimate how many people will be there. But don’t hesitate to comment here if you plan to come.

    Thank you @Bradley-Maker for taking the initiative!

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    I think I should be okay for help. I’ve been making sauerkraut for years and it is pretty easy and routine, me and my 2.5 year old do it together every few weeks. In fact, tomorrow I have some white and nappa cabbage, as well as Fennel, and maybe some carrots as well that we will make into kraut.

    One thing I won’t have time or space for, is to try and gather some cheap, free, or discount veggies. So if you know of a local business or farmer that may contribute, and are willing to shake that hand, by all means, please do. I’ll be happy to mention them and express gratitude during the workshop.

    And yes…I am narrowing in on tracking Dede down…we did meet at Handmade Christmas…

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    PS: There is also a facebook event set up. Please share it far and wide in your network, and it is a good place to get an idea of who is coming and how many as well.


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    Include a spot for my roommate please

  • I want to attend your fermentation microbe farming sessions! I want to make sauerkraut & Kim-chi and maybe get back into Kombucha scobie growing. I’ll be at the Feb 5th group! Dede Bone is my counter part & the Community Kitchen’s Coordinator. She would like to get involved with Makerspace but is only returning from Mexico today. I’ll get her to touch base with you! Also if you are interested I know someone with scobies.

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    I know somebody with scobes too…ME!

  • Hi Dede here Give me a call and we can plan the Kombucha or Keifer water demonstrations, I also have some dill pickles I fermented this year I could bring some to try. 778-921-0086

  • @Jason-Bijl Hey thats my source too! Lets join forces… Dede???

  • Oops I’m getting out of line on the thread… Dede- Meet Bradley, if you haven’t already done so…! Welcome back Dede! We need to chat!

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    I was just at peavey mart and a found some interesting things. They have some kambucha kits and fermenting crocs. Allthough I’m not so sure about the crocs as they aren’t really an airtight seal and their instruction sheets indicate removing the lid and skimming the top layer. Anyway they have some good jars/crocs/kambucha/cheese making/homesteading supplies

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