A vision for a makerspace in Kamloops

  • I believe the best way to create an active and vibrant makerspace community, here in Kamloops, is with transparency and direct involvement of all members in decision making processes. I strongly believe that building a community needs input from the community, and this will create a makerspace with a strong foundation that will be a big part of all of our lives for many years to come. I have decided to start a new group of founders and makers, who share this vision.

    What does this mean for our community site?

    The community site will be transferred to a new domain once a new name has been discussed and chosen.

    I wish MODLAB board all the best, and look forward to seeing their contribution to the community.

    I will see you all this Wednesday at our holiday edition maker meetup!

    EDIT: This forum can now be accessed via community.kamloopsmakerspace.com

  • You may have noticed that now we have a new domain name: community.kamloopsmakerspace.com :smile:

    There are still some minor changes that needs to happen to fix the look and feel of the site. But you should now be able to access the forum content without any problems.

    Sorry for the delay in sorting out the domain issue.

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