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  • I did some generic research in some versions of makerspace builds for a 3D scanner using simple items like a laser pointer and camera. I thought we could do something similar using a scanner from a printer. Here are some examples of a 3D scanner approach.


    From GitHub, someone has provided a instructions and controller code for such ideas. Find his work on:


    I’m thinking we should focus on a small sized version so we can scan somethings and automatically create a CAD model for the 3D Printer. After this we can see how it could be made more portable.

  • To me the last link from makerscanner seems most promising. We should do some more research on other open source options. But I feel the build for makerscanner is simple enough that we should just try it!

    @Jacob-S Let me know when you have time to work on it and I can meet you at the space to get started on this. Anyone else wants to join us or can recommend other opensource hardware+software for 3D scanning?

  • The last one has an accuracy of +/- 1 cm. There is this one that I’ve wanted to build http://www.instructables.com/id/Multiple-Raspberry-PI-3D-Scanner/

  • 3D

    Last time I was into the 3D scanning thing – I got the general idea that you’ll get higher resolution and portablilty with kinect as 3d scanner. But apparently there is no decent cross-platform software and you had to use windows to combine images to a model. Maybe things changed. Used knect can still be obtained for ~ $30.

  • Sure, whenever there is a moment… lets see where we can get this project going.

  • I brought in a Kinect last night. We’ll see what can be figured out.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play around with it.

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