Vacuum Former Build

  • Currently, we scavenged a lot of parts from an old vacuum former with a lot of wear and tear. We are looking to rebuild the old one into a better version.

    After talking with Nick, we agreed that we should post the parts list on the forum and begin collecting parts to get started on working on the Vacuum Former. I’m in the middle of compiling the list right now and we can work on things from there.

  • There are four material list that are for the vacuum system, electrical, wooden parts and steel parts. Here are the first two:

    Quantity Size Parts

    Vacuum System Parts

    2 2’ x 4’ Aluminum Sheets – both top and bottom
    1 Aluminum Sheet for Control Panel
    1 Pilobond 30 contact adhesive – 1 quart
    8 ft ½ x ½ and 24 in. wide Galvanized wire mesh –
    14 ft 1/8 in. thick x 1 in. wide Aluminum Strip
    1 1 in NPT chrome plated brass ball valve
    6 1 in. 1 in. Male NPT to 1 in. Barb Fitting
    2 1 in. Barb Tee Fitting
    2 1 in. NPT 90 degree elbows for ball valve
    1 2 in dia. Vacuum gauge panel mount ¼ NPT back fitting
    1 3/8 to 1/4 3/8 Barb to ¼ NPT female fitting
    1 3/8 Barb Tee Fitting
    9ft 1 in. ID Vacuum Hose
    1 Check Valve
    2 1 in NPT PVC Coupler for platen
    4 2 in dia. Swivel caster – hard plastic type
    12 ¾ dia. X ¼ thick Plastic Furniture Glides – nail on type
    1 Silicone adhesice
    2 1 ½ in ID – 5/16 – 18 dia. U-bolts to hold main valve
    2 2 x 2 – 0.100 thick – 0.200 pin Hinges for lift linkage
    4 ¼-20 Propeller nuts
    1 Inline filter for Vacuum Pump

    Electrical Parts

    1 100 Amp fixed lug, surface mount breaker box
    2 30 Amp 2 pole circuit breaker
    1 15 Amp single pole circuit breaker
    1 20 Amp single pole circuit breaker
    1 Steel electrical enclosure – to house oven contactors
    5 ft 1 in. EMT electrical conduit
    1 90 degree conduit elbow
    3 Conduit end fittings
    1 1 in. EMT clamp
    2 Oven contactors – 2 poles – 120 volt coil – 40 resistive amps
    40 ft 12 gauge stranded wire – Blue
    30 ft 12 gauge stranded wire – Black
    30 ft 12 gauge stranded wire – White
    1 15 amp duplex receptacle – grounded
    1 20 amp duplex receptacle – grounded
    2 Handy box – to house receptacles
    2 Receptacle covers
    2 15 amp toggle switch – DPST
    1 20 amp toggle switch – DPST
    1 Micro switch – button style 15 amp
    1 Pilot light – red
    2 Pilot lights – yellow
    2 Infinite switches – oven heat controls
    2 Ground clamp – to mount heat shield on conduits

  • That’s a very specific parts list. Do you have the design handy? Would scavenging parts from a wall oven work for some of the electrical bits?

  • We actually have some good designs, drawings, and instructions in a binder at the makerspace. I just took the list of required parts and posted it on the forum. We scavenged a lot of parts off an old one, like a set of heating elements, compression motor, and other components. He have them sorted in a bin at the makerspace.

  • Do you guys have a pump already? I might have one from a beer-line refrigeration system assuming it is still in my brother’s basement.

  • We may have cannibalized the compressor from the original Vac Former, but I can’t guarantee that it works or not.

  • Progress was made on the vacuum former tonight. @Nicholas has promised that he will finish the project by Friday next week so that we can showcase it at our open house ;)


    @Nicholas is likely going to need some help, so if you are interested in this project get in touch with him and see if you can help out!

    Let the count down begin!

  • @Nicholas I’ll be dropping by today (Friday) to see if I can help out with the Vacuum Former.

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