Makerspace Open House

  • Hi Everyone!

    If you haven’t heard already, Kamloops Innovation has partnered with Kamloops Makerspace to host a variety of workshops/events coming up in the next few months.

    To kick off, we’re putting together an Open House on Friday, January 29th from 1-3pm for anyone to drop by, take tours of the space, demo/check out new equipment and technology, find out more about membership opportunities and workshops that you hold.

    We’ll be supplying refreshments.

    There is a registration page:
    If you plan to be around, you can let us know here on this topic. Any questions, feel free to ask myself or @arasbm!

  • Here is what we have planned for the open house tomorrow.

    • @Bradley-Maker is giving a tour of the wood shop
    • @Tyler will be giving short demos of the CNC router in the wood shop
    • @Nicholas and a few others will be working on the vacuum former in the metal shop
    • @Chris and Steven will be demoing Froggy, the CNC mill that they repaired and setup recently
    • Helen (@chris’s doughter) will demo her bio 3D printer project that is currently work in progress
    • @Chainmaildave will be doing some chainmail
    • @Bishop will show off his latest helicopter simulator panels
    • @sireatalote will bring his 3D printer
    • @Ron_Ron is leaving some of his latest creations on a desk (he can not be there tomorrow himself)
    • @toxuin is bringing his 3D printer and will also help loading a job on ours. He may also be working on the multitouch coffee table

    If you are demoing tomorrow, please come around 11am and set up. ShowTV will be at the space to record a video. We will expect our guests for the open house to start arriving around 1pm.

    If I did not list you here, but you have something cool that you want to show, please let me know!

  • Looks awesome!

    We have 25 rsvps, and possibly a few drop ins. Refreshments will be delivered by 12:45 from Simply Catering (New Life Kamloops - neighbours!). See you all in a bit!

  • That was an awesome event! Thank you everyone who volunteered to give a demo. Thank you @amanda and Kamloops Innovation for organizing and supporting the event. I look forward to many more great events in collaboration with Kamloops Innovation.

    Did anyone take some pictures?.

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