Bicycle with MS symptoms

  • I just got an email from Kelly MacDonald who is our contact for the family day event. She is wondering if any of us can make a bike like this that simulates the MS symptoms. Here is the email from her:

    know you are coming to the Family Day Expo (yay). It runs in conjunction with the MS Society’s Indoor GranFondo (spin-bike-a-thon).
    I sit on the planning committee and we were talking about this great new thing and I thought of you guys.
    They have built a bike that anthropomorphizes MS. In other words the bike makes the rider experience MS-like symptoms. It gives the riders tingles in their fingers, switches gears and brakes at random and feels off kilter (all MS symptoms).
    I was thinking… maybe MakerSpace folks could get together and build an MS bike for the event NEXT year. It would be great for the cause and a big shout out to you guys.
    I know you guys have a ton on your plates already, but wanted to throw it out there.
    Let me know your thoughts. I have cc’d Katrina Harding from the MS Society on this email to keep her in the loop.

    From email it sounds like they understand it is too late to do it this year. But if anyone is interested we can look for a bike. I will ask them if they got a bike or any funding for someone to make it.

    Let me know if you are interested in doing this, either for this yeae (February 8th) or next year.

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    Bikes on Kijiji

    It could be done, find out if they are willing to pay for us to wreck a used bike.

  • I have some bike parts I could bring in.

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    I have a friend that is a bike geek that is wanting to learn how to weld, who also has bike parts. I’ll point him this way…

  • There are some very interesting frame building jigs on instructables… I keep meaning to put one together for my own bike projects. Probably more useful in the makerspace. I am interested in bike trailers, ebike setups, cargo trikes, etc.

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    What’s the word from the MS society? Are they willing to pay for a bike?

  • The last email I received from them said they were considering this for next year since they thought it would be too short notice for this year. Based on that and the fact that they did not reply about funding, I would say that they are not paying for it.

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