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    Tony has suggested to go for a more sturdier printer. So im rethinking it. I want the printer to be around 16"x16"x16", im not sure about the build volume (i just want this to be a learning experience, so it doesn’t have to have the largest build volume). I would like to keep the budget at $100 or lower. Im trying my hardest to reuse old pinter and scanner parts. Any sugessuggestions or feedback? I would much appreciate it!

  • Modular design will be your friend here. Build simple sub-assemblies that can be tested independantly, and modified to suit your needs, then bolt them together. You’ll almost certainly blow the $100 budget, but the advantage to making it modular is that you can do a proof of concept on the cheap, and upgrade the crappiest parts a little at a time until you are satisfied.

    Maybe start by building a single axis linear stage operating on a horizontal axis? Figure out how hard it is to make that work dead reliably before trying for a vertical stage, which either involves cantilevered loading or more than one part moving in a synchronized manner…

  • 3D

    I like the drawing! It can be really neat if made from thick sheet metal (out of $100 budget, lol) or mdf. Although, the moving table seems to be using a threaded rod in the drawing, but probably you want it to be belt driven to move fast.

  • The thick steel plate body is not really necessary.
    We have an old solidoodle 3 at work:

    Riveted sheet angle sections turn out to be very rigid as soon as you form a full box. You can stand on the damn thing and bounce up and down a bit, it does not flex. If you started with a frame made from real angle iron, and bolted up the joints, I bet you could build a really solid printer frame for cheap.

    The advantage of nuts and bolts over weldments or rivets is that the frame remains adjustable. A properly preloaded bolted joint is good enough to hold bridges together, should be fine for this application.

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