Permaculture meeting Tuesday at 7:00pm

  • Just a friendly reminder to those of you interested, the next permaculture meeting is happening tomorrow (Tuesday January 19th at 7:00pm). See you there!

  • Hi Aras, I am doing a topic discussion on cold climate gardening and seasonal growing extenders. I have a bit of a slide show/ powerpoint to share. Do you guys have any AV equipment that would allow me to project images from my lap top or a flash drive?

  • We don’t have a projector at the space yet. Does anyone have one that they could lend us for tomorrow?

  • Thanks! I will check around otherwise we will do it the old fashioned way…

  • 3D

    I do have a projector, but it’s one for home entertainment (not really bright for big-room presentations) and it is like 5 years old, 1280x720. If that’s cool I could lend it for an evening.

  • @toxuin Thanks for the projector and technical support!

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