Should we upgrade our internet?

  • Right now we have the lowest plan with telus (Internet 30) that cost approximately 62.40$ per month in total (55$+tax). I called them to see if they have any promotions. They can upgrade us to their Internet 50 plan which will cost us 64$+tax and it is supposed to be several times faster. I figured since @pierre looking at upgrading the routers inside the building it would be a good time to also upgrade the internet. I am expecting a call back from them next week. Here is our usage for the past few months:


  • Do we or could we get the funds for this? How would it work?

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    Since @pierre brought some new cool WiFi equipment yesterday, we might want to test it first. It is most likely that current speed/connection failures are occurring not because of provider limitation, but makerspace’s equipment (blah, a home router) is having some hard times keeping it up during peak hours. Pierre’s new toys are serious devices that can do some neat magic like pretending to be a single access point while there are actually three of them dealing with all the load. And yes, it does seamless handover of your connection. That’s what Pierre told us anyways :-D

  • Do we or could we get the funds for this? How would it work?

    If/when we do it the fund will come from the membership fees which is meant to be used for running the space.

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    For less than $2 I see no reason not to upgrade, unless this is a promotion that will end in a couple months and we will then pay substantially more.

  • For less than $2

    It ends up being close to 10$ per month difference when you factor in the tax. Sorry for the confusing wording in my original post.

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