Hosting workshops for girl guide

  • I am moving the girl guide discussion here so it has its own thread. Thank you @frank for starting this topic.

  • An idea for getting the word out/expanding membership.
    My wife is a Girl Guide leader and they are always interested in new activities for their meetings, and they have badges related to making things and technology. Maybe we could have someone from the Makerspace come to a meeting with supplies and tools for the girls to build something (and brochures to take home to thier parents!)?
    I imagine liability issues for both us and them would prevent a site visit. That’s why I suggest we visit them.
    I’m happy to pass on my wife’s contact information if someone is interested in persuing this.

  • Linux

    Frank, would you be willing to do this? I’m sure we’d support you however you needed!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @frank Scout groups all respond really well to learn to solder projects FYI. I can give a couple in Alberta if they need references. Also Calgary Board of Education loves Learn to solder as well. Again i can give a reference if needed.

    RE: references, in case you are not aware, ever public org like scouts and Kamloops board of education need references.

  • @hdsheena, I would feel a bit odd acting as a representative of the group since I’m so new to it. I’ve only visited the place 3 times and won’t actually join until February.

  • I wonder if @heather would be interested in this. :smile:

  • Count me in.

  • @heather , That’s great. I’ll message you my wife’s contact info and I’m happy to help out.

  • I know some other girl scout folks in town, can probably get extra help on this.

  • Soap making might be fun, what age groups? Do they still have badges, or specific tasks, such as sewing or other?

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