Building a workbench/desk -- Check this post out!

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    Befor i get started on any projects, i need to build a workbench /desk for my bedroom. My budget is $60. My idea was four feet long, two and a half feet wide, and thirty inches high. I would like some feedback on this, like what kind of wood should i use, structural design, to add different functionalitys, keep it ergonomic/convenient, and how to keep this thing cheap but very sturdy. Once i figure out how to keep my room organized, i would then move on to the 3d printer.

  • That’s a pretty small budget for using new materials. But you might be able to buy/hack an existing piece of furniture from one of the thrift stores. An old cabinet stereo perhaps?

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    There’s some books in the hall outside the ladies room you could look at too

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    Check your other post, as I saw it first.

    I posted some ideas. I think a knock-down plywood table will suit your purposes and budget.

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    I just finished building this plywood desk, it is 48" x 30" x 18". I just used a sheet of sanded 5/8" plywood and some wood dowels to hold it together. Total cost of the build ~$60.

    I would be using 3/4" plywood if the desk was going to be any bigger, 5/8" has some issues with bowing.

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