Lasercutter Purchase! -- Finalizing

  • @Nicholas and I have been searching around for a good laser cutter for a while now. We have been negotiating with a Chinese manufacture called Weike

    I am at the point that I am satisfied with the price and feature set. Here is the last email I got from them:

    Total cost, $USD 4080

    1. Machine: LC1390, 100W RECI, Blower, air pump, water pump, RD control, > Honeycomb and Knife strip table, auto up-down table, auto focus, manual and video,
      $USD 3800 / Set, FOB Qingdao. (With 5% discount)

    2. Red dot pointer added, $USD 100 (To show the laser position with red light)

    3. Freight cost, $ 180

    • Does the machine have a USB interface? Can we load files using a USB flash drive and cut them without a computer being connected to the laser cutter?
      • Both USB and U disk supported, and can be connect to the machine directly
    • Can we have the visible laser indicator that uses the mirrors instead of being on an angel to avoid this issue:
      • Red dot pointer added
    • Can you still ship the machine to us before your new year holidays? Let us know when you will need the payment by to ship the machine before February 7th.
      • Not sure about the estimate delivery date now, but we promise you we will put into production asap! To try our best to send you the goods before Spring festival.

    I dropped the chiller from the order because it is $400 more! I am thinking once we get the machine up and running we will either build one or order one.

    >> Here is the invoice <<

    Let me know what you think. If you have any comment or suggestions please let us know here or talk to either me or Nicholas. I am hoping we will place the order as soon as we make the next big deposit in our account. That way we may have a chance to get it shipped before the Chinese new year, otherwise we are looking at one more month or so of delays.

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  • I’m guessing you probably had a look at the Glowforge in your searches. But, I’ll mention it in case you hadn’t. It seems to have a nifty combination of scanner/cutter (so you can have it cut along your pen lines and it can follow a curved surface).
    I don’t know how it compares to the one you’ve been looking at or what the product reviews are like.

  • @frank glad you asked! We talked about it in depth here and then decided it was not suitable for us.

    The laser we are purchasing is a lot more powerful and much larger than glowforge.

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