MakerClock project/contest!

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    So I’m building a wall clock for our lounge and I’d like it to be unique and collaborative. Here’s my idea:
    12 numbers = 12 members.
    Pick your favourite number and design it for an analog clock. It can be a Number or a Roman numeral or anything to represent your pick. Use a 3D printer, engrave something in plastic or aluminum. Use LEDs or glow in the dark stuff, it can be anything you like, static, battery powered, get creative !!! Dimensions are approximately 75mm square (or 3"x3" if Pierre is reading this)
    I’ll post the number you’ve chosen and your name here, once all 12 are done I’ll assemble it and hang it in the lounge :)

    1 @Ron_Ron


    3 @Bradley-Maker


    5 @pierre

    6 @Nicholas

    7 @greenhatgirl

    8 @arasbm


    10 @tinfoilknight


    12 @Chainmaildave

  • What an awesome idea! I’ll take VIII
    When is the deadline?

    @fullmetalbuddha I went ahead and added a list of numbers to your original post so people can see what numbers have been claimed and what is left. As people reply here you can update your post :smile:

    Really looking forward to seeing this project take shape!

  • Metal

    Thanks for the update Aras, that’s a good idea. It doesn’t have to be Roman numerals either. Anything you want to use to represent that number.
    And the deadline is when I get the last number!!

  • Member

    @Ron_Ron should be on there somewhere
    As should @Bradley-Maker, @Nicholas, @tinfoilknight and @toxuin

  • Founder

    I’ll take #3
    Its the magic number

    Just a thought…
    we have been talking a lot about getting a building open button/timer to alert drop-in members that the building is open. Could that be integrated into this clock somehow?

  • What number is @Chainmaildave going to be? And I wonder what he will make that number from? :smirk:

  • I’ll take Victory! I mean five.

  • I will take 6

  • Member

    XII is good for me

  • I’ll take X

  • 0_1456363044789_20160224_164750.jpg
    MC Escher Lego and Kragle sculpture

  • Metal

    Awesome! We have our first number!

  • Holder

    I can try 7 (sorry @greenhatgirl it doesn’t really matter to me)
    One idea is magnetized iron filings on a white background, the other is crystallized borax and food colouring.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oops, I meant VII. But it looks like Jason wants that. I will switch to IV. I have a few ideas for that in stained glass.

  • Founder

    HA! That’s what that Escher lego was for. @tinfoilknight you put us all to shame with the speed of your completed number. I love the guy who is hanging onto his own legs for dear life!

  • 1

  • @Bradley-Maker now I’m laughing at the idea of the X out of context.

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