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    Hey guys,

    New to this so if I am completely out of line just let me know!

    If we can come up with a way to build a beacon light that looks something like the photos without looking too much like a delineator wrapped in string LED’s, I can probably sell them.

    I am thinking we can start with the same design and vacuum form a clear shell over top to make a sealed unit. If anyone is interested on working on this let me know!

    ![20151116_185452.jpg](uploading 100%) ![20151005_075113.jpg](uploading 100%) ![20151005_075033.jpg](uploading 100%)

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    20151005_075033.jpg 20151116_185452.jpg

  • I would be interested! Let us know when you can come to the space to work on it. Vaccume former is not up and running just yet but we can do a few sketches and decide what material we want to work with.

    I know your problem is the plastic structure, but I probably still have a strip of ws2812b kicking around if you wanted to also add some animation effects to it.

    New to this so if I am completely out of line just let me know!

    This is a perfect example of how this forum should be used, so thanks! :smile:

  • I’m thinking we could vacuum form them as two halves… Maybe in a single piece with a living hinge. Fold at the joint type thing. This would make installing the leds easier. With a bit of trickery, I bet they could have a little microcontroller in each delineator that makes them “know” where they sit when arrayed as a row. So you could run low-resolution scrolling marquee down the row of them. Moving <<< arrows etc.

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    Very cool ideas. I am in town most of today so I will swing by around lunch and if anyone is kicking around lets chat.

    These are for a really specialized application in mining, ill get some photos. Might want to include a gyro so they flash when tipped for more than a few seconds.

    If we can get some design ideas and a sketch put together I can sell them more or less sight unseen so we can have an order before we have to invest too much in prototyping.

    Then their are all the other possibilities for scrolling marquees and other fun things in different applications.

  • Other good option is to design the thing to slide into a standard sized PVC pipe… CNC router cuts slots or whatever in the pipe for the LEDs to shine through. Clear shrink tubing over the pipe for weathertightness. Or cut almost all the way through and use bright LEDs. Super fast and cheap to make, very robust.

    You can mask and custom paint the pipe with Krylon fusion easily. I may need to make some of these anyway now. Too cool not to make.

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    We can get clear schedule 40 PVC. I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • I see this company sells clear heat-shrink tubing up to 4" in diameter…

  • I am going to be at the space briefly today from 3pm to 4:30. I will be there tomorrow from noon to late evening.

    I am just wondering, if we can use clear schedule 40 PVC, why not place the LED’s inside the pipe? We would need to make a custom jig once and can use it for all of them. That would make it easier and faster to produce and would be more durable.

  • @Tusk-Automation have you got a source for clear pvc? I’ve been trying to acquire some for internal-combustion demonstrations for years to no avail.

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    I did swing by around noon but the place was locked and I had to run to a meeting shortly afterwards anyways.

    @pierre I can get some new but its not cheap and comes in 10ft sticks. Aquarium and pond suppliers use clear pipe when they need to conceal pipes underwater. There are also these guys…

    @arasbm I came up with this as an alternate design:
    Shovel Beacon Light.png

    We can use Yellow HDPE gas pipe and router in shallow recessed channels for LED strip lights, we can hide all the electrical inside and use standard pipe end caps to seal the ends and provide mounting for the cord connector and an eyebolt to hang them.

    The attached photo is where we are using these.
    deliniator lights 010.jpg

  • @Tusk-Automation that sketch looks pretty good! Looks like we just missed you today. Let us know when you want to come to the space again. We are going to be pretty busy until Monday night with organizing and running the family day event.

    What do you plan to use for the power supply?

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