Vancouver mini maker faire

  • Vancouver mini maker faire When: June 11 & 12, 2016, 10am-6pm
    Where: PNE Forum, Hastings Park, Vancouver

  • I wonder if there is enough interest to make a field trip. I would go if a few where interested and we could share a vehicle.

  • Linux

    We went last year and had a booth as the end-of-year activity for a school course; it was quite a bit of fun and neat to see what other people are up to.

  • Hey Folks,

    If any of you are considering getting involved with the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, either by volunteering, presenting a talk, showing off some cool projects, or even if you’re just curious, there will be a free Maker Faire 101 event happening this Saturday, Feb 20th at 4pm in Vancouver at the awesome Maker Labs. If you find yourself in Vancouver, please feel free to stop by.


  • I didnt even consider going down to vancouver maker fair to set up a booth since we have been so busy organizing and participating in local events here in Kamloops. Does anyone know if Vancouver maker fair is still free for makers? What benefits do you think attending will have for us? Is anyone here interested in going to VMMF as a maker?

  • I might be able to head down this year. I no longer work weekends, and I should have the van back on the road by then. I can put up to seven seats in it, or leave some out for leg room and cargo capacity…

  • @arasbm

    Maker Group or Non-Profit (booth fee: $60 + GST): Your organization, non-profit, or community group makes things or supports/facilitates making, which can include teaching or sharing skills, providing tools or space, raising the profile of or advocating for Maker communities, building community, publishing learning materials, or other activities. Please appoint one person to coordinate your VMMF application/exhibit.

  • @amanda They do charge a fee, but in return, you get some (not sure of the number any more) weekend passes for the booth staff. They used to be pretty flexible about this.

    I can’t really speak to the benefits (though there is a lot of good media attention), but it sure is a lot of fun!

  • Linux

    Last year we showcased the final projects for a high school robotics course. This year we noticed that some of the kids wanting to take the course had seen us last year at the faire. So, we did not have direct media attention but just the exposure to attendees worked to spread the word about what we were doing.
    Better yet, the faire was a lot of fun; it was a great way to end the course for everybody involved.
    From what I remember all of the booth participants got free passes. I believe there was a cap but we did not hit it.

  • Michelle and I are going down this Saturday June 11th to the makerfaire . Tickets are online at . We have room for 5* more passengers. The last row of seating is meant for skinny short people so it may be more comfortable to bring only 4 passengers. Chipping in gas is appreciated. We would leave Kamloops at 6am and return by 10pm. Anybody up for a road trip?

  • @tinfoilknight I would LOVE to come, but I have family coming for a visit that weekend.
    Please take lots of pictures and notes! I would love to hear about things that you find interesting.

  • Ashley and I are in, assuming you still have seats @tinfoilknight … She says she’ll bring her DSLR if there’s room, so we should be able to get some good photos for @arasbm . Turns out that photos of mechanical things are much easier to understand if you can manually focus on the part that you care about.

  • @pierre the two of you are the first ones in.

  • Works got me tied up. You guys have some down on the coast.

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