AGM: Call for board nominations

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    If you are interested in nominating yourself or anybody else to the KM board, please send your nomination to and/or post back to this thread.

    We are looking to have 7 board members, and currently have no nominations.

    The deadline is the morning of saturday the 20th, voting will occur that day during the AGM.

  • I would like to remind everyone that in our organization there is no real distinction between a normal paying member (drop-in or keyholder) and a board member. Being on the board shows your commitment to the future of our makerspace. We all want the makerspace community to grow larger and stronger, and the space itself to be full of awesome tools. That being said, everyone that is currently on the board of directors has shown extraordinary commitment and has spent countless hours volunteering to help make the makerspace a better place for all of us. Therefore I would like to nominate the current board members for their existing position. In addision, I would like to nominate Tyler Scott (@fullmetalbuddha ) to be a director as a token of appreciation for all the amazing work he has done in fixing up the space and organizing the metal shop. Here are my nominations:

    • Nicholas Adams (@Nicholas) treasurer
    • Myself (@arasbm) chairperson
    • Grant Fraser (@tinfoilknight) director
    • Brad Allen (@Bradley-Maker) director
    • Dave Holly (@Chainmaildave) director
    • Tylor Scott (@fullmetalbuddha) director

  • I would like to second your list of nominees

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    well said @arasbm

    I’ll third…

    We technically need one more, in an official not-so-important sense…

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