Exhibition at Arnica Center

  • Has anyone been to this exhibition? Sounds interesting …

    I would like to extend an invitation to you to come and see our current exhibition. Its FREE! Light It Up uses light in various artist methods. In particular:

    Divine Lights are stained glass video art. LCD screens are embedded into lattices, and video content is ‘mapped’ to the lattice. We use commercial brightness screens to create an illuminating, animated aesthetic, with video content usually reflecting a deep respect for our natural landscape.

    I will come to one of your open house evenings!

    Christine Beaton, V.P. & Gallery Coordinator

  • Linux

    What and where is the Arnica Center? I’ve never heard of it.

  • Design Lab

    @arasbm Yep, I checked it out and DO NOT MISS IT. Gorgeous video graphics on LCD panel behind a mapped lazer cut wood panel. Definately a do not miss this.

  • @Chris I think this is their website. I have not heard of them before either.

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