Perhaps this has been asked before...

  • I have a been a member of a couple Makerspaces in Vancouver, but I’m in Kamloops now. How do I join you guys? What are the dues? I can’t find the information on the main page.

  • Metal

    Wednesday nights are your best bet if you show up in person, usually lots of people there including board members. Contact @Nicholas for membership details (he’s the treasurer) but it’s $50 a month for basic.

  • Welcome to our community @Morthos !

    Keyholder membership is 100$ per month and that gives you a key and 24/7 access to the space. As @fullmetalbuddha said, there is also a drop-in membership level at 50$ per month that gives you access to the space whenever a keyholder is present.

    We don’t push people to becoming a member. Feel free to come over on hack nights and get to know some of the members and the projects that are going on and see if you think there is a fit. You can bring something to work on too.

    Good point about the website not having membership info. I have been wanting to update the site for a while, will do that soon.

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