Lack of USB Wifi Adaptors

  • I needed a quick hit-n-run project so I could feel like I’ve accomplished something this weekend. I pulled the black DD-WRT linksys router out and dusted it off. Set it up for Wifi Client-bridge mode, turned off its dhcp server and set it up to do dhcp-passthrough to the wifi ports. And labelled it as a Wifi Bridge.

    If you power it up anyplace it can see the Makerspace SSID, it will connect to that network as a client. Anything that you jack into the LAN ports on the back of it can pull DHCP and access both our local lan and the internet connection. I’ll probably leave it up in the wood shop when I’m done playing with it. That way we can plug in up to 4 CNC devices or something up there until I get around to running proper hard lines up to the second floor. After that I may figure out how to add a 12V battery to it so we can use it as a portable “make the wifi work here” tool.

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