Your favourite OpenSource CAD?

  • Years ago I was spoiled by having access to AutoCAD. Now that I’ve got the making-but again, I’d like to design some things in CAD.
    I’ve tried FreeCAD but am a bit confused by it and am wondering if I should continue figuring it out or is there a better package? So, anybody have a recommendations?
    Or, if you’re a FreeCAD pro, I’d buy you a coffee if you’d get together with me and show me the magic.

  • FreeCAD is a bit different because its parametric.

    I started using it about a year ago, but have since switched to using OnShape (

    OnShape has lots of excellent tutorial videos.

  • Electric

    Librecad works fine as long as you’re only working within it and are sticking to 2d, I have found that it doesnt play nice with AutoCad when it comes to layers. I use Sketchup for 99% of what I do now because its very intuitive.

  • 3D

    A bit offtopic: is there any open-source 3-axis CAM software to generate G-code for machines like that yellow thingy sitting at the makerspace?.. I’ve found “free” VisualCAM, but it can only perform cut-along-one-axis-then-another cuts and wants me to pay money (haha!) to do other stuff (like perimeters).

  • Fusion 360 is free for hobbyist and includes a fantastic integrated CAM package.


  • JSCut: is free, runs in any browser. I’ve not used it before, and I don’t imagine its as fully featured as some of the others.

    I use SheetCAM (purchased) and CAMBam (also purchased) since they’re both available for Linux.

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