Uniting Kamloops Makerspace with Padlock Studios this Saturday Feb 20!

  • Hi Makers and Artists alike,

    This Saturday will be a perfect opportunity to unite members of KM with the art community represented by Padlock Studios. Padlock is a not for profit gallery/exhibition space that also provides private working studios for professional artists. Their community represents artists that overlap with Arnica Gallery, Kamloops Art Gallery, and TRU. Their inaugural opening is this Saturday at 7! So you can see a lot of potential for networking and sharing of mad genius on all fronts!

    I’ll be exhibiting some work I’m really proud of: 4 large wood sculptures created on CNC, and one large ballpoint pen drawing. I’m directing as many people as possible to check out KM earlier in the day, and then for 7pm, people can head over to Padlock (former Bank of Montreal), located next to Blenz Coffee on Victoria and 2nd. Here are two links for the studio and the gallery opening.

    Thanks guys and girls!

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