My Raise3D N2 printer finally arrived.

  • My Raise3D N2 printer finally arrived. I signed up as part of the KickStarter for this very nice 3D printer. It comes fully assembled and print upto 12" x 12" x 12".

    I put together a blog post:

  • I took a photo of my Bukito sitting inside my N2, which helps to show the size difference:

  • LOL! that is a cool way to visualize the size difference. :laughing:

    It reminds me very much of @toxuin’s printer. What kind of extruder do you have on there?

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    That looks awesome! Does it have more than 1 extruder?

  • @Chris The N2 has 2 extruders. I haven’t tried a dual extrusion print yet. I think that the extruders are custom for Raise3D. Apparently they’re coming out with a V2 around the end of March once the rest of KickStarters get shipped out (I managed to get a Super Early Bird).

    I also think I need to level the extruders. I tried to print a spool holder and it started out fine:

    but then I came back to it and found this:

    with this in the bottom of the printer:
    ![0_1455922407116_IMG_20160218_232822.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    I think that the right nozzle (which wasn’t used during this print) is slightly lower than the left and managed to catch and dislodge the print.

    I’m reprinting with the right nozzle to see if that makes a difference.

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    I’ve been admiring this nozzle ( that allows printing in 3 colours … if I ever get around to it this looks like my next upgrade.

    Looking forward to seeing your 2 colour prints!

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