Issues with the new web software

  • The compose window goes off the bottom of the screen, which makes it hard to type more than a few lines. 2016-02-17 07.03.11.png?dl=0

    Also any time I try to upload a photo, I get an error which sys something about invalid imagur-id-or-secret

  • I don’t think I am able to reproduce the problem. I can see the beginning of my reply in the preview. Let’s see what happens if I type many lines.

    You can partially or fully expand the compose view using the arrow button on top left of the compose view. Do you still think these is a bug that we should report?

    Thanks for reporting the uploading issue! I updated the imgur plugin settings and it should be fixed now:

    0_1455783592221_Workspace 1_004.png

    Here is a larger image just to test:


  • I tried images again and they seem to be working now (it accepted my profile picture). I’m currently running Chrome under Windows, and the bottom of the compose window goes off the bottom of the screen. My laptop is also setup to use larger fonts (its a really high-res screen, so I find the native size too small). I have it set (Windows 7, under Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization-> Display) to Medium (125%).

    And if I type enough text, then I wind up typing blind. If I hit the up arrow on the top left then it makes the typing area bigger and I can now see the bottom of the box.

    And yes - if I type enough then the scroll bars also appear.

  • I have had similar problems with my tablet. Typing field full screen or hidden. Mostly solved by turning tablet vertical.

  • Founder

    I have had this issue as well. Basically every time I use the forum. Sometimes I can ‘enter’ a bunch of blank space, and then ‘arrow’ back up to be able to see. Inevitably I type to the bottom of the screen, and it doesn’t scroll with me.

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