Landing page and core purpose of makerspace

  • Can I suggest that you put somthing at the root page that describes the goals of the organization, and prominatnly displays why it is something they want to be involved in.

    I when I point people to the site, IMHO, the forums main page does not provide a an “accessible to the many” introduction to the group and the direction.

    I was recently pointed at this Harvard Review article as being useful in walking through the process of up with: Core Values, Core Purpose, BHAG, and Vivid Description. Your landing page would not list this stuff out, but knowing and agreeing on these things makes it easier to put that page together.

    The process takes more than just reading the article. There is a lot of work and discussion reaquired around the process.

    Building Your Company’s Vision.pdf

  • @lincolns I totally agree. Actually I started working on the landing page yesterday. It will be ready by tomorrow. Thanks for the PDF, I will read it, I am sure it will be helpful.

  • Our landing page on is up now. It still missing a picture, and needs a few improvements I am sure, but I think it is a good start.

  • That website looks fantastic, nice work @arasbm!

  • Linux

    Looks great @arasbm … the new site is coming together.

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