strategic planning and data collection

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    Here a list of questions that me and @amanda had planned on using to collect data from the public…that didn’t join us today.

    • How did you hear about Kamloops Makerspace?

      • our website?
      • Facebook?
      • From a member?
      • word of mouth?
      • Through another local business or organization?
        name it__________________
    • Is there another way of spreading the word you think we could take advantage of?
      name it_____________________

    • If you are not currently a member, what can we do to get you on board?

    • How can Kamloops Makerspace provide value for you personally?

    • How can Kamloops Makerspace provide value in your community?

    • How can you or your organization provide value for Kamloops Makerspace?

    • Kamloops Makerspace needs financial support, can you think of any opportunities for us to fundraise?

    • Describe what Kamloops Makerspace has been for you in the past, 5 words or less…

    • Describe what Kamloops Makerspace could be in the future, 5 words or less…

    • What are you interested in experiencing at Kamloops Makerspace:

      • what tools?
      • what Materials?
      • what skills?
      • information?
      • Events?

  • Aras advertised on kijiji
    worked for me
    not much can get me to kamloops, just too far.
    value for me?..learning
    value for community? …again, education on subjects schools cant keep up with.
    my value to KM?.. I’d like to do a workshop but there are already skilled woodworkers .
    $?.. listen to my advice and do the opposite?
    past? … fun, infomative, social
    future? …unlimited, collaboration.
    If i could spend more time there it would be electronics motivated.

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    Thanks for the reply @bct!

    I just threw this up and plan on getting it more formalized and in a format where we can survey.

    I have one comment, and one question.

    I am currently the only focused ‘woodworker’ that uses the space much at all. I do plan on running workshops. However, I would encourage you to run your workshop, the more the merrier. I don’t see this as “my turf” or anything like that. I also see potential for doing colaborative workshops. @arasbm and @Ron_Ron just worked together on the arduino lighting.

    Beyond that, I feel that it is important with most skills to get a broad range of training and experience. So I would strongly consider attending your workshop, details dependant. And I would surely suggest anybody interested in picking up woodworking skills learn from as many experienced individuals as possible.

    I’d start by posting back here, or potentially making a new thread and see what kind of feedback you get.

    Then there is this line in your post:
    “$?.. listen to my advice and do the opposite?”

    I’m totally confused as to what that means, but I feel like I’d like to know…

  • Given my financial past i find it best to do the opposite of what i think…

    As for the wood stuff i feel that there is nothing that hasnt been covered 100x on you tube or woodwrights shop and the like. Not like the cutting edge electronics stuff where info is a premium and changing by the minute. Thats how it seems.

    I never felt like anyone was monopolizing the topic.

    If i did a wood workshop i would start with a saw bench or sharpening and hand planes. But who has hand planes? Or handsaws anymore.

    If you want to colaberate on a workshop? I’m in. You would have a better idea of what would fly.

  • I’m not much of a woodworker… But I love sharp blades. I have a modest collection of restored antique hand planes, and an aggressive preference for saws that cut on the pull-stroke.

    I usually have 5 to 10 knives with me… different blade shapes, different grind angles. On any given day, I probably use 3 or 4 of them, or lend them to other people, but which ones I use depends on the tasks at hand. While Ashley was preparing food for the AGM, I used a fixed karambit to substitute for the broken can-opener in the kitchen… I would not do that with a razor knife, it’d just break, but the k-bit has the leverage to rip through sheet steel, a thick enough grind to not break off doing it and a decent finger-ring and guard setup that keeps your fingers off the blade when you do. Wrong tool for the job, sure, but the right wrong tool for the job to do it effectively and safely.

    One of these days I am going to do a workshop on how to make steel sharp.

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    I think you’d be surprised at what we are all into.

    I feel that if anybody is seriously wanting to get good at woodworking, that starting out with handtools is hugely beneficial. The work happens at a pace that your hands are in control of, so that you can see mistakes as they happen and learn from them. So all of my workshops will be handtool based for gaining fundamental skills.

    There is a bunch of people interested in low impact, low energy ways of getting things done, and also in the “old” or “ancient” ways of getting things done. Ie: chainmail, ropewinding

    I have a small complement of hand tools. In the future I’ll be working towards trying to get some handtools donated. Tooling is definitely a problem with doing any woodworking workshops, handtools especially. I’d be interested in collaborating with you @bct, and perhaps between the two of us we can run a workshop and have enough tools between us to give people a taste.

    We would also need workholding, benches, etc…

    I’m crazy busy this spring, but in the summer we should look at doing some old fashioned woodworking workshops. It sounds like you probably have more experience than me.

    Also…you mention milling and having stock…what kind of wood, how much b-footage, is it dry?

  • I agree and I’ll answer your questions in the workshop thread so i dont bog down the survey thread

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