Raspberry Pi controlled thermostat

  • After doing some research online I’ve figured that we can use a Raspberry Pi to operate the thermostat. The Pi can sync with Google Calendar. The Arduino isn’t suitable for that as it doesn’t do HTTPS and I haven’t found anybody who has claimed to make a reliable Arduino to Google connection. Does anybody have a Pi they aren’t using that they would be willing to lend to the project?

  • 3D

    Check out the OrangePI PC: it’s the same concept, but $26 shipped. I have used one of these in my printer and I must say it is pretty awesome.
    Software-wise it has an old kernel and lacks video drivers. If you do not care about that – it is a great device for $26. It has GPIO and it actually works.

    Recently they’ve announced a OrangePi One – even cheaper single-board computer. It’s US$10, but by now has no software support whatsoever.

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