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    Greetings everyone! I recently found out about the Kamloops Makerspace and am thrilled that there is a dedicated group of makers in Kamloops taking on such a project.

    I live in Sicamous and am working towards starting a maker movement out here. I have been mostly trying to entice friends to join in the maker fun, but am coming up short on interested parties in that spectrum. I am now hoping to reach out to the community and nearby communities to find interested parties. I envision starting small, working out of someones house or workshop (probably mine), but would ideally like to get to the point where we could have our own communal space.

    I will be in Kamloops this coming Saturday (Feb 27) and would love to meet up with someone to check out your setup and talk about your experience(s) with a community Makerspace. Regrettably I only have a fairly small window of time, approximately 2-5pm,

    Please let me know if there is any possibility you may be available and willing to meet.


  • I’m sure somebody will be in the building on Saturday. I’ll give you my cell number via PM so you can text me to stop by and give you a tour if nobody is around when you get there.

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    I may be around. I am with my son that day, but I was planning on coming to the space, maybe with him and emptying out the saurkraut crock for next week’s workshop. Toddler dependant…

    I’ll shoot for that timeframe, but that is nap time…

    Thanks for your interest Daryl!

  • Hey Daryl,

    I live a little closer to you (Blind Bay). If you’d like to get together sometime, that would be cool. I have a large workshop (currently disguised as a disaster zone).

    Right now my wife needs full time care, so I don’t get out much these days, but come May time frame, my wife’s sister is coming to live with us and I’ll get some “me” time back.

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    Wow, thank you for all the replies guys! Great to see this level of engagement on this site.
    Pierre, I have added you number to my phone. Hopefully someone is at the space already so I won’t have to bother you.
    Bradley Maker, don’t interrupt your time with your son on my account, but if you are so inclined to be at the makerspace anyways it would be a pleasure to meet with you.
    Dave Hylands, I will definitely take you up on your offer. I have a fairly relaxed schedule most of the time, so whenever your schedule opens up feel free to send me a message and I’m sure we can arrange a meet up. I personally only have a small garage that I work in, but it too does a good job of hiding behind a disaster zone facade. From the content on your website it looks like you are into quite the variety of projects! Great to see some examples of what you enjoy making. Your electronics workbench is enviable and awesome BTW.
    Looking forward to meeting some/all of you soon.

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    I should be at the Makerspace between 2 and 5 Saturday. I look forward to meeting you.

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    @Chainmaildave That’s great news. Looking forward to meeting you.

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    Thank you to everyone that was at the makerspace during my visit for taking the time to show me around and chat with me. It was a great experience for me, and I am more enthusiastic than ever about getting a maker group going out in my neck of the woods!

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    Sorry I missed meeting you Daryl, but it sounds like you were warmly welcomed. We are good at that.

    Glad to hear you are inspired. This is a movement afterall…

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    Remember if there’s anything we can do to help to get a Makerspace happening in Sicamous please feel free to ask and we shall see what we can do

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