Microbe Farming #2

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    The second in our monthly series of fermentation workshops is coming up.

    For those that missed out, here’s your second opportunity.

    We will be making some form of what the kids call ‘kraut chi’, a middle ground between sauerkraut and Kim chi. Fermented cabbage, as well as other veggies with a little bit of bite and spice as well.

    We will also cover ways that vegetables can be fermented at home, DIY style, without the need for a fancy crock. So for all those who have tried various methods, please bring dodads, fixtures or pictures, as well as stories of success or failure to share. This is a collaborative workshop, and I hope that we can learn together as we grow and evolve our microbes.

    See you at KM in March!

    $5 fee
    207 W Victoria @ Kamloops Makerspace
    Thursday March 3, 2016
    4:30-6:30 pm

    If you attended the last Microbe Farming workshop, I have plenty of small non-wide-mouth mason jars that I will fill up with our kraut and have ready. But feel free to bring a jar of your own if that is your preference.

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