3D Print Job Needed

  • Good Morning!

    I am seeking to do what I percieve to be a simple 3d print job. I have a pair of sunglasses I lvoe dearly yet there is a flaw with the arm that has a weakness. The downfall is to get a new arm I have to buy a full set of frames. My thinking is if I can get the arm scanned and do a 3d print of it that would be awesome.

    Can someone help me with that project. To scan the item, and then do a print?

  • the 3D printing part will likely be pretty easy, but scanning it with high enough accuracy will not be as trivial. We actually don’t have a 3D scanner at our makerspace yet, although people are working on building one.

    I suggest you put your measurement and CAD skills into test and create a model of the handle using a 3D software such as onshape. Once you have the model ready, send it over to us and I am sure someone can print it for you. :smile:

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