Workshop: CNC Milling 101

  • Hi Everyone,

    Upcoming workshop: CNC Milling 101
    In this workshop we will take a simple image such as a logo or drawing and carve it into a night light using a CNC milling machine.

    You will learn about:

    • Basic 2.5D CAM process
    • Creating a design in Inkscape
    • What makes a good drawing for CNC Milling operations
    • Techniques to improve a vector drawing design
    • Using Easel to generate GCode, which can be used by many CNC machines
    • Testing your GCode before running it with the real machine and cutting tool.

    Advance registration required, only 20 spots:

  • Sounds fun, ticket bought :)

  • Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this. I’m in Mexico right now, so I’ll book as soon as I’m back. I’m using public wifi, so no way I’m entering credit card info here. Can you please make sure a space is reserved and I’ll pay as soon as I’m back on Monday?

    Ps love the picture for the course.

  • @robert sounds good! i’ll save you a spot.

  • Linux

    Here is one of our first night lights engraved …


    We made the night light using this Inkscape file; it uses multiple layers in Inkscape allowing us to cut the different parts of the image at different depths.

    This image was cut at 60 IPM, 155 Hz and a cut depth of .02". We are playing with these numbers to see if we can cut more quickly without losing quality!

  • Ticket bought, so no need to save one for me. See you Thursday.

  • There are still some spots open for this workshop on Thursday. Register:

  • @amanda I’ve got my ticket. Looking forward to the workshop. How is the documentation for the CNC router going? I would be happy to help with that if you need it.

  • @tinfoilknight do you mean the router upstairs? The documentation for that CNC router is here. For this workshop this Thursday we will focus on the 3020 Milling Machine. I have not started a documentation page for that machine yet but that is a good idea. I will extract some of my presentation notes and will start a documentation topic for the 3020 Milling machine too. The build history of 3030 is here

  • Bought my ticket from Nicholas, can’t wait for the presentation on Thursday.

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