Next board meeting: Monday March 7th at 6:30pm

  • Our next board meeting is on Monday March 7th at 6:30pm. Please post any agenda items here.


    • Calendar
    • Other organizations to team up with (@Chainmaildave)
    • Our annual fundraising event
    • Fire inspection (@Nicholas)
    • Running efficient meetings
    • Kits to teach with
    • Coming up with a proper solution for “when the space is open”
    • Is it time to stop accepting more keyholders? We need to decide on the period of time that new members would be limited to drop-in membership before they can be vouched into keyholder membership
    • @Vaughn would like to talk about a interim use for one of the empty rooms upstairs which should be added to the agenda
    • vinal cutter
    • Update to the website
    • hot night in the city

  • I would like to see having the board meetings programmed into the calendar for the rest of the year

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    Other organizations to team up with.
    Kits to teach with?

  • I created a recurring event on our calendar. That is for First Monday of every month from 6:30 to 7:30. If that time does not work for you please let us know!

  • Agenda item: Is it time to stop accepting more keyholders? We need to decide on the period of time that new members would be limited to drop-in membership before they can be vouched into keyholder membership.

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    Fundraiser dinner should probably be on the agenda

  • Linux

    Running efficient meetings. I Know @Nicholas wife Aiden was interested in helping with this. I can’t make this Monday, but maybe she has time to meet this weekend and I can help her set up Lucid.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena I am available this weekend, just let me know when and where works for you. Someone has to keep things in line…

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    Two things:
    A ) Is the meeting on Monday as suggested by the Calendar or Tuesday as the forum says?
    B ) @Vaughn would like to talk about a interim use for one of the empty rooms upstairs which should be added to the agenda

  • @Chainmaildave I have no idea why I put Tuesday here, I think Monday is what we had agreed on! I edited the original post now to match the Calendar.

    @hdsheena @greenhatgirl I am all for bringing more organization to the meeting and finding ways to keep track of tasks, but last time we tried the lucid meeting app I did not find it very useful and it was an overhead for me. Please see if you can use the forum instead to achieve what you want. I would be happy to help set something up here!

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    Another agenda item is letting members know when a keyholder is going to be in the Makerspace

  • We should talk about updating the main website to correct the board members list.
    Also, the CSS appears to be broken such that the top menu does not show up for some mobile devices… So you can’t hit the link to get to the forum from there.

  • Here are the notes from tonights meeting. Thank you @greenhatgirl for taking notes!

    March 8, Monday 6:35

    Additional agenda items:

    • Hot Nite
    • Vinyl Cutter


    • everyone should have access, try to add specific dates for clarity

    Other groups to pair with:

    • Big Brothers & Sisters won’t really work as a group (Dave followed this up)
    • Nicholas is working on multiple pairings, especially with bike repair, and K 4x4 (vinyl cutter); this ties in with Green Expo (creating small kits for kids, other interactive things)
    • are going to do presentation for Green Expo; this will not cost anything
    • Aras is meeting with Big Little Science Centre tomorrow (March 8th)

    Annual Fundraiser Dinner

    • overseen by Sue
    • April 30, at Cottonwood Centre (so can be all ages, and bar proceeds), catering by Reubin’s
    • need: tablecloths, room rental $300, entertainment (same again as last year? How much pay?), gaming/liquor licence, invite sponsors (and comp their tickets), more booths, tickets to print soon, max #s 120 (had 40-50 people last year), need updated brochures for MS professionally printed (Vista Print?) Ashley will look into a printer company, please more booths, need silent auction items (not last minute; in by April 26th), need borrow coolers,

    Kits to teach with:

    • request for Solar kits (esp for Green Expo)
    • kits for multiple disciplines (wood and metal together; balancing man)
    • wood kits: train whistle, birdhouse, bat house, etc (?)
    • other kits needed; woodwork, metalwork, etc (more than just soldering) please get more ideas for future

    Fire Inspection Report:

    • inspector very understanding of the space
    • ASAP: Exit sign in metal shop doesn’t work (Grant will fix); ceiling tiles must all be in place (Jake will fix), basement needs fire extinguisher (Nicholas will deal); fire alarm panel needs annual testing (NIcholas will deal);
    • other points: deadbolts on doors not allowed, but squeak by if they’re not in use except during lockdown (ultimately fix doors; create checklist for in/out procedures - NIcholas will do); welding allowed as long as not using gas (create enclosure); wood shop needs to be kept clean (get compressed air); allowed paint booth if we mostly use latex and water-based paints & will need positive air; avoid too much oily stuff in the kitchen (lacking fire suppression inside)

    Running efficient Meetings:

    • Courtney’s reminder
    • figure out how to assign tasks on the forum (use Keep?)
    • create central place for do lists, etc (Use Keep) Aras will create a forum thread for it

    Solution for Telling when the space is open:

    • set up keypad with a raspberry pie to tweet when the space is open
    • create the virtual open/closed sign that operates on a light switch concept (Aras can help Grant work on this); try to engineer it so it’s visible only to approved members on the forum

    Status on Members:

    • numbers ($1200/month on memberships)
    • should require to be dropin member before becoming keepholder; have time requirement before being upgraded as of now; three months drop-in with three keyholders aproving them before they can be keyholders
    • can veto be done? Discuss, and put in bylaws (they shouldn’t be present while voting on upgrading membership) As long as valid reason can be
    • Nicholas will talk to VHS member about their systems

    Vaughn’s Proposal:

    • suggested interim use for an upstairs space, basically creating it as a temporary space for vinyl cutter, (push to next meeting; he’s not here)
    • perhaps Electronic shop should be repurposed for non-dust stuff

    Vinyl Cutter:

    • financial opportunities present for buying a vinyl cutter; would be quick return of investment
    • est price of $6-800; with half of price covered by Kamloops 4x4
    • need to flesh out required specs;
    • post forum thread to further pin down and discuss topic; general tentative approval for this idea

    Update Website:

    • lots of outdated information; needs updating; Aras is too busy to do more than update list of board members
    • bylaws need to be more visible on website/forum

    Hot Night in the City (August 6)

    • need 12 volunteers for the event (may need to split numbers and profit with another group); payout is $1500 for setup and manning of baricades until 10 AM; 2-4 people during day to maintain garbage containers; 6 people at end of day to remove baricades
    • sign up (and for which shift) on the forum

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