Solar Cooker Cook Off?

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    A small group of students and faculty at TRU are planning some sort of a “Solar Cook Off” to demonstrate the power of Parabolic Solar Cookers/Sustainable practices surrounding food.

    As a new member of this group, I’d like to put the idea out there of some sort of a “solar cooker contest” as a friendly competition between anyone interested in building one of these. I’ll post more info shortly. At this point we’re planning for April 8th. Any thoughts?

  • That is an excellent idea, let us know if you want to meet at makerspace to organize this event or to run a workshop.

  • Nice. I really want a small solar cooker/water boiler to sit on the dash of my truck on those hot summer days. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to go to the vehicle and have hot coffee and warm food waiting.

  • Last time I saw someone cook a hotdog completely black with a fresnel lense. You can also light a ‘pop’ can and cook a hole in the aluminum can. Powerful stuff and a ton of fun.

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    @Jacob-S. They look like they can get pretty hot!

  • This one’s my favorite, because an array of small, flat mirrors is super cheap to build. You could mount them on hobby servos and have some pretty simple control to do sun-tracking or targeting.

  • @pierre sounds like a not bad plan. I’ve always wanted to make a solar kiln. Insulation bricks, heat bricks, some aluminum sheeting (tinfoil if your feeling cheap), and one pane of small glass to allow the focal point to enter the kiln. Minimal power cost required to heat the thing (power to run the motors). Interesting.

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    So I’ve completed the shiny dish part of one of these and it sets a 2x4 on fire in three seconds when the sun’s out. Next is to add the grill to place the cookware on.

  • @CmrdWicheknap cool! Can we see photos? :)

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    This post is deleted!

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    The Solar Barbeque at TRU is this Friday, April 8th in front of the Arts and Education building. If anyone’s interested in building one up there while this is going on, get in touch with me at 250 681 3735. We have a lot of the equipment already. If you haven’t seen one in real life, come check us out! There will be food!0_1459822816403_IMG_1680a.jpg

  • Wish I had a chance to see it in actions. Sweet setup though.

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