Join me for weekley breakfast at Makerspace every Monday morning at 7:30AM!

  • I like to start off my week with a delicious breakfast every Monday. @Ron_Ron occasionally has joined me, but usually I have been alone. I think it would be much more fun to have breakfast together and talk about our plans for the week ahead. I realize this time might not work for you, but that is what I can commit to.

    Join me any Monday morning at 7:30am at Kamloops Makerspace. I have added the event to our calendar. Feel free subscribe to the calendar so you can stay in touch with all of our events.

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    What’s on the menu?

  • What’s on the menu?

    whatever you make! I guess I should make it clear, I am not suggesting to cook everyone breakfast :d ; just that we meet and have our own breakfasts together. That being said I am sure we can share some food too. I usually fry up some sausage and eggs or might make some muesli. I always make a pot of black tea and would be happy to share that.

  • I usually make pancakes when I’m eating breakfast at the space. Not usually as crazy as 7:30AM though.

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    That’s awesome @arasbm !
    I’ll be there when I can, monday holidays I suppose.

    Happy mondays…

  • I am quite willing to show up and make some Swedish crepes to share, but not this coming Monday. And clearly, I need to find another teapot to bring to the space. 😊

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    Last week we had hash browns and fresh duck eggs with home made bread, tahini and jam.

    I will be there again tomorrow at 7:30 :)

  • I’ll be there tomorrow (Monday) at 7:30 as usual for breakfast.

  • My daughter and I will be there. She left her backpack there on Saturday. So, that seems a good excuse :)

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    Will this happen today? Curious because of the holiday

  • @Chainmaildave sorry I did not see your message until now. Well yes it did happen, sorry! It was just me and @Jason-Bijl this morning. Not a lot of food but we had a great conversation :smile:

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  • That looks tasty.

  • I am going to skip tomorrow since I have guests at home. I will be at makerspace by 11am.

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    @arasbm I guess I should read this @fullmetalbuddha and I actually made it this week :)

  • There’s pancake fixings in the kitchen. You can still eat breakfast. :)

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    Makerspace Monday breakfast, here I come! Lasercut toast, anyone?

  • Can we do that? I mean is it safe? Because laser-engraved toast or pancakes sounds like something we should do.

  • @pierre it’s safe, unless you want to spray the food with iron oxide and hydroxide for better contrast. There are lots of images on Google of people doing this. The quality of the toast looks unsatisfying. It’s still bendy like bread. The tastiest version is etching already cooked pancakes.

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    Is it safe?? You mean, would my toast taste… lasery? Or do you mean if you use too much power your toast will be burnt? Or do you mean it could be so cool you would eat way too much toast?

    But yeah, obviously one wouldnt put anything wet in there (ever) but toast is, well, already toast. A quick vacuum after would remediate any issues.

    I think laser cut toast and einstien-image etched pancakes are an important part of every Makers Monday morning breakfast. According to the Canada Food Guide, laser-cut toast has 18% more nutrients than regular toast!

  • LOL! Yeah I think we now have to do a lasercut toast or pancake breakfast/workshop. I mentioned to @Vaughn today my only concern was making a mess in the machine with the crumbs blowing around, so we did not try it yet. We can make a jig, like a wooden box or a cutting board to place the toast in, I think we will be good to go. I would toast the bread lightly before we etch images into it or cut it.

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