when is the space open?

  • Ok, so I’ve signed up for that twitter thing in the hopes of learning if any keyholders were planning to be at the space this morning. I wasn’t enlightened.
    Is anyone planning to be there today?

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    @frank I will be there by 2 at the latest

  • thanks Dave. But I’ve changed my plans for the day

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    I hope we address this issue soon.

    How do I post to Twitter that the space is open?

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    If you post @makerloops on twitter it automatically reposts.
    I will make sure the computer in the hack room and the one in the office are both capable of posting to Twitter

  • Grant found an appropriate timer for the count down from (of course) an old microwave. By altering the Resistor and Capacitor, we could possibly change the settings from minutes to hours. Founds the schematic links for the processor and circuit board on these websites. From reading the pin-out hopefully we can change the resistors and connect the timer to a raspberry pi to send an “open” signal to a webpage.


    Circuit Board:

  • If you have a Pi or Arduino in the circuit, why do you need an RC timer circuit? The microcontroller can operate the clock function.

  • @pierre it has a rotary encoder and circular display. Both are parts I would have wanted to use anyway. Rather than separate the components and put them back together I thought it would be best to just modify it and monitor the output

  • On closer look the chip isn’t controlled by an RC combo. On page 4 of the chip manual it says the internal clock is controlled by a ceramic resonator. On the board it shows that Xin and Xout are connected to CF1 4Mhz. So it looks like the encoder and display board are the only useful parts.

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