Kamloops Makerspace story on Shaw TV

  • A few weeks ago Sam Numsen from ShawTV visited us. He did an awesome job of capturing some of the activities that were going on and I am really impressed with the way he put our story together. Here is the video:

  • 3D

    I messed up with centimeters vs millimeters. Ouch! Also, gotta admit: in my head my english sounds a bit better.

  • @toxuin lol, I laughed when I heard you say 400cm but I figured you meant mm. That is the beauty of metric it makes so much sense that it is easy to correct errors ;). You did fine and your english is great! I have the same problem, in my head I sound much more wise and I talk slow and clear, but in practice I talk as fast as a squirrel. Oh well, overall I think it is a great video! :smile:

  • This is an awesome video

  • Great news clip! You guys all rock!

  • @metrictruebelievers Because somehow if he’d said 15 feet, we would not have been able to guess that he meant 15 inches with his hands in the picture for scale… :P

    @toxuin Your English is a hell of a lot better than the several languages I know just enough of to start a bar fight… Or the few I know how to order food in.

  • We should have this on a Media tab on our home page

  • You all did a fantastic job, I’m really impressed. 🙂

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