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  • At the last board meeting we discussed purchasing a vinyl cutter for the space. Another group I am the treasurer for is Kamloops 4X4. We are trying to protect sensitive and private land from being abused. A huge part of that is education. Many people do not know park boundries, rules and protected land. Signage is one of the easiest way to adress this. A vinyl cutter will be a invaluable tool in this endeavor. Kamloops 4X4 is willing to fund half of this purchase. Many other groups have expressed an intrest in this resource and may be willing to make a donation to the space for signage. This is also a great tool for our members to use.

    I have found cutters in the $600 to $800 range that look like they may be a good investment. Does anyone have more knowlage on these machines or know someone who is selling, or willing to donate one?

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    @Vaughn seems a good spot to talk for you?

  • Here is a comparison chart. Like I was saying, its important to know what you need the cutter to be able to do.

  • I’m curious about what a vinyl cutter can do signage-wise that is better than what a CNC router or laser cutter can do?

    I get why vinyl is a neat material for putting racing stripes on your dragster to make it go faster… I would love to experiment with vinyl as a protective media for chemical etching, color anodizing etc… But I’m not sure why a sign made on a 12" Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter is better than something printed on a color laser printer and laminated? Or burned into a sheet of coroplast with the laser cutter…

    I’m not saying that we don’t need one, but I’d love to see more ideas on how it would be useful for maker activities.

  • I dont think a laser cutter will cut vinyl without melting and warping the edges. It definatly will not do with heat transfer film. Trying to cut vinyl on the router will not be practical as I dont think we will get the accuracy needed for proper registration to do multiple colors. Yes I plan to do some personal decals. But that is not realy the motivation for my motion. That being said I am sure I am not the only one who wants some cool large makerspace logos. Laptop skins whould be a cool project.

    Found a neat article

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    Hello, all. The timing on this is pretty amazing, as I have a 24" vinyl cutter that I was thinking could complement the Kamloops Makerspace. Please see my new thread ‘Makerspace Design Lab Proposal’

  • Thanks @Nicholas that’s the additional information that I was looking for. First that this is envisioned as a much more versatile and larger (read hack-worthy) device than the little scrapbooking machines that they sell at art supply stores… And second a bunch of ideas regarding off-label uses for the decals that it makes.

  • I’ve also heard of using a vinyl cutter to cut stencil masks for solder paste when making PCBs. A laser could also be used for that application.

    I believe that you can cut paper with a vinyl cutter for various arts and crafts projects (card making etc).

  • Vinyl is one of the materials that will be forbidden on the laser cutter. Cutting vinyl with laser will generate chlorine gas which is extremely toxic and will also damage the laser cutter. Having a vinyl cutter to complement the laser cutter would make a lot of sense. There are many applications for which vinyl cutter would make more sense.

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