Hot Night in the City

  • The Hot Night in the City car show is coming up August 6th. I have run the barricades to shut down the streets for the last number of years. I also run garbage collection and cleanup at the end of the show. I have used various volunteer groups to do this and would like Kamloops Makerpace to do it this year. Kamloops Makerspace will be paid $1500 to do this. 12 volunteers will be needed from around 6 to 10 in the morning to set up and man baricades. Additionaly two to four volunteers will be needed to empty trash cans throughout the day. They can be rotated out in shifts. Around 6:00pm six people will be needed to collect baricades and clean up.

    Can you please let me know if you will be available? The morning volenteers are critical so please let me know soon. Feel free to ask if there is any questions.

  • I will volunteer for the morning.

  • Add me to the list of morning volunteers as well.

  • Founder

    I can do the morning for sure, pencil me in.

    I can probably do a shift during the day hauling trash as I’ll be wandering around with my son at some point during the day. Before lunch, or late afternoon is best. But don’t count on me for that, but if we are .5-1 volunteer shy of the goal, then I can press to fill the gap.

  • Count me in. Available for the day.

  • Just wanted to bump this post and get a number of volenteers. If you are interested in volenteering please let me know as soon as possible. If I can not get enough people we will have to split it with another group.

  • I was wondering written this was coming up again. I’m still in.

  • I am still in as well and will be available all day. I just added this event to our calendar.

    Who else can come and help?

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    I can’t commit but will help if able.

  • I can help in the morning and be home for lunch. Help the space and maybe some hot rod parts networking… I’m in.

  • I’d planned to come help… but I’m out of town that weekend. I figure the work I’ve done for @Sue on hot nite stuff is adequate penance for not showing up though.

  • I’m still game

  • @bct said:

    I can help in the morning and be home for lunch. Help the space and maybe some hot rod parts networking… I’m in.

    Sorry . Just mentioned this to the wife and we will be in alberta that w/e. I can’t bail on her . She is doing her first tough mudder.

  • @bct No worries, thanks for letting us know!

    Anyone else interested in joining us? It should be a fun weekend and we still need a lot more people!

  • Metal

    Count me in for day, Setup in the AM and garbage detail and Teardown.

  • Holder

    Sorry, I will be working on that Day.

  • No idea what I’ll be doing on the 6th but sure you can count me in as well.

  • Put me where you guys need me. In the morning I can be there, or if we’re lacking support in a certain time frame I will fill in that spot!

  • Just wanted to touch base with everyone. Thank you @arasbm for the reminder. I would like to meet at 1st and Victoria at 5am. In my earlier posts I mentioned 6 am. If you can not make 5 you can catch up with us at 6. We will move from 1st down victoria to 6th. Any questions, or you need to get a hold of me day of please call me (250)320-1643. A folding chair is a good Idea but not necessary. If you are planning to do garbage during the day I recommend good shoes. We will make a garbage schedule that morning. Breakfast will be provided as well as free city parking passes. Carts will also me coming along after 7 to provide free coffee. Any one else interested in helping please let me know here. Thanks to those that have already volunteered. @tinfoilknight @arasbm @Bradley-Maker @Chainmaildave @frank @fullmetalbuddha @MIPS @n0pe

  • @Nicholas Speaking as a Hot Nite in the City organizer, thank you to you all for ensuring that 542 cars got in and out of the show and shine safety and for keeping 5 city blocks clean and organized. I am well aware of what you go through on those barricades and it is extremely challenging (to be politically correct). To the person manning the barricade that would not let Ron in-kudos to you! He was thrilled to know that even the big boss was not going to get away with breaking the rules. Great job-you made us all look good.

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