Fundraiser Centerpieces

  • We would like 15 creative centerpieces for the dinner April 30th. These will be auctioned off at the end of the event. I am looking for ideas and/or donations of your work. I was looking for 15 different ones, all that represent what the space is all about. However, if you would like to donate more than one of the same concept, that would be fantastic.

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    I have made a necklace, matching earrings, and bracelet, for donation.
    Anyone else?

  • One of my Scorpion tech guys has put together some business card holders made from printed circuit boards. They are illuminated with a dozen LEDs that flash in various colors and patterns, and are quite fun to watch. If these would be suitable as centerpieces, we would be happy to supply a couple.


  • @BrianB yeas please! those sound awesome!

  • @BrianB This sounds perfect for our vision of event centerpieces. Thank you so much!

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    I will come up with something this week, during some more unexpected time off.

    Ideas: (I can make at one, possibly more of these, feedback please @Sue)

    Toys or a high chair (as I’ve already got a prototype, so its easy)

    A wooden, epoxy-coated sink that fits on the back of a toilet tank so your handwash water fills your tank, saving water.

    A compact hydroponic garden kit for a window, I have a couple of designs and I’m finalizing which I’ll go with. This would be a cool thing as it could be set up and running, with plants growing.

    We have a project to make for farm-school day as well, the bicycle blender or a hydro-garden of some sort, we could put that or a duplicate up for auction.

    I have a couple of other things I want to hash out this week as well…

    Thank you thank you @Sue!!!

  • This is difficult, as they are all great ideas. My thought is that a few of these have a target audience, while something like the hydroponic garden should hold a wide appeal. If it is set up and running we have one more demo of the space. If I have to pick one, that would be it. However, if your unexpected time off leads to more, I know many people treasure the art of wooden toys. I personally am drawn to the bicycle blender.

    I will certainly appreciate whatever choice (s) you make. This is gearing up to be an extremely successful night!

  • I have a creative centerpiece I can do! :)

  • @Ron_Ron Thank you so much!

  • 0_1460881202275_P1020123.JPG :)

  • I will be at the open house on Wednesday evening in hopes of gathering up some donation items to prepare the sheets and to get a count. If possible, I would like to secure ticket sales at the same time. Thanks!

  • I’ll try to check in with Amanda today to see if she managed to sell any at KIC.

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    Sorry, I haven’t been able to get to the space at all, I am neck deep in gardening work. Gotta be flexible and kind of scrambled to pay the bills these days.
    I really want to stress that I will be making two things for the silent auction. I am fully committed. Its just going to be last minute, I hope to be getting some help from @Ron_Ron next week at hack night to help with some lighting.

    Plans are almost complete, and materials prepped for a lamp made of recycled CDs and palletwood, and a child’s step-stool/toy-car repair shop with cars.

    My gardening work will be complete, at least for a few days this weekend, and I’ll be working overtime at the space next week to get these done.

    Happy making everybody!

  • @Bradley-Maker Thanks for the update so that I am able to plan accordingly. We have a good mix with these items to add to our donation items.

  • Well, it is Thursday and in 3 days this will all be over. That is kind of sad after seeing all the efforts that you have all put into this Fundraising Dinner and Silent Auction. What will you do with all that spare time now? I suspect that people will walk away Saturday night feeling like they have just experienced something very unique and exciting. I have gathered up 40 items to date, and there are many to still pick tomorrow afternoon at the space. Thanks to you all for the countless hours that you have dedicated to this event. I am in awe.

  • I’ve got those glowy 555 centrepiece lights if someone wants to build a vase or something to go above it.

  • Quick: Somebody laser cut an acrylic stand to hold a light-bulb turned into a vase.

  • @pierre said:

    Quick: Somebody laser cut an acrylic stand to hold a light-bulb turned into a vase.

    Leave room for a 9v battery, board fits on one side of the battery.

  • @Keerf have you got a link to the 555 lights? I need the dimensions off of them if you have a moment to take a picture and rough measurements…

  • ![0_1461973035346_20160429_163645.jpg](Uploading 100%) ![0_1461973046071_20160429_163636.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Hmm. That didn’t work.
    Try this!

    They’re about 1.25" square. I built lots of them to have a battery strapped on and dropped at the bottom of a vase and then covered by marbles.

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