Broken bits, blades etc

  • I labeled a plastic tub in the hack room as a receptacle for broken drill bits, broken things made of tool steel, dull and broken hacksaw blades etc. It has a smaller pill bottle inside for broken carbide bits.

    Reason for this is that I frequently make small tools and parts out of steel. Tool steel is usually much better alloy than ordinary scrap. Need a small (or odd shaped) punch or a replacement for a hardened pin? Shank of a broken drill bit is the thing. Need a little hook or scraper to reach into an assembly and free a jammed piece or deburr something you can’t reach? Forge and grind from a broken drill bit or a hacksaw blade… Remember most tool steels can be annealed with a torch, cut on the milling machine or with hacksaws and file, then re-hardened and tempered to make the tool you need.

    Carbide has its own container, because it is ground to shape with diamond wheels, not forged or ground on normal wheels. Those little carbide engraving cutters (when broken or dull) will make excellent form cutters on a mill or line boring bits, or lathe tooling with a little loving on the diamond wheel.

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