MendelMax3 Build

  • Linux

    Wow … all those parts … looks like Christmas come early!

    Are you going to use a dissolvable filament for the 2nd extruder?

  • @dhylands Love the build logs and all the pictures. We all need to document our projects more like you :)
    Looking forward to seeing more of this new 3D printer of yours, and see how it compares to bukito.

  • @Chris Yeah - I plan on doing both - using 2 different colors, and using dissolvable material.

    For artsy/craftsy stuff, I expect I’ll do some stuff with the same material and 2 different colors.

    For robot parts, some require hard overhangs, which will use support material. For PLA, I’m planning on using PVA, which is dissolvable in water. PVA is the core ingredient in white glue. For ABS, I’m planning on using HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene), which is dissolvable in Limonene (Limonene is often used in candle/soap making - it comes from oranges and has a citrusy smell). I’ve also seen HIPS used as a breakaway support (it’s more brittle than the ABS).

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